Amazon & UberPens

Recently had selected as a World Class Pen Seller based on our customer feedback, a cool store and service, as well as our popularity on the web! Needless to say, we were thrilled! Amazon offered us to move some of our inventory to their facilities in U.S. and make our items available on So, when you make a purchase from and if the item is at a Amazon warehouse, we simply tell Amazon to ship it to you. Amazon will deliver it to you within 2-3 business days. You don't need to do anything with If you are an shopper, you can browse our items on, and purchase UberPens directly there.

Before we've delivered these items to Amazon, they had to pass our highest quality control inspection, they had been perfectly cleaned and tested by UberPens master pen staff after which they were carefully packed in special cases and sealed in a vacuumed plastic bags as shown on the pictures below. You'll have a hard time believing that the vintage pen you've purchased is... well vintage.

On you can also combine in one order items which are at Amazon and items which are with us. We and Amazon will simply ship the items separately to your U.S. address, and you only pay one shipping fee of $4.95. Currently our items which are with Amazon can be shipped to U.S. only, but we are working to expand the Amazon shipping to Europe and other countries. Warranty & Returns

The pens purchased from or purchased from but shipped by Amazon, also have our unique 1 Year International Warranty. If you purchase the pen from your warranty is automatically activated. If you purchased your pen via, you will need to activate your warranty on this page: Activate Amazon Warranty. To see the full terms of our warranty please see our Warranty page. For items purchased on, please refer to the return policy in your amazon account. The Return policy for items purchased on regardless if they are shipped by Amazon or us, is the same as our trouble free Return policy.