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M. - July 11th 2019

Hello, My pencil has turned up more quickly than I was expecting and it is fabulous. I can't thank you enough for a perfect service. I will cherish your pencil forever and have left good feedback for you. Best wishes

S. - June 1st 2019

Good morning. The tines on the pen were in fact, bound up and the left was below the right. I successfully realigned them, my first ever attempt to do so, and the pen now writes consistently at all angles, so problem solved and I learned something new. Thank you for your prompt and attentive service. I will be buying from you again. Just received the Pelikan MK10 and will let you know how it performs. Kind Regards

E.E. - May 25th 2019

Good day, the pen arrived today, my wife was extremely happy with her gift! Thank you for everything!

E.O. - May 22nd 2019

Hi again Natasha. I just got my package delivered today, apologies for the trouble. Thank you so much for the packaging and care taken with the order, the pen is beautiful and writes very nicely!

T. - April 10th 2019

I received the Parker pen set yesterday. The three pen set is absolutely stunning!!! I am very pleased. Thank you again and best regards.

K. - March 4th 2019

I am writing to let you know that the two pens have arrived. Without any question, you have provided the best after-sale service in this internet days of faceless business. I am sure that in times to come, your business will prosper. All the best.

Carl - January 14th 2019

Hi there,
I recently purchased a Parker 45 Student Edition and wanted to let you know what an enjoyable experience this was. Firstly the quick professional communication with Natasha when I had an inquiry regarding shipping. Then when I saw the package when it arrived and how it was wrapped I knew this was going to be an experience so I sat down with my girlfriend, mom and sister to open the box. Every step of the unboxing was amazing. I’ve never seen this much attention to detail! We opened the box, had some tea, then opened the quality control card, had another sip of tea, commented on the packaging etc. You get the idea. The package arrived with the string still intact. Even the packing tape was applied perfectly centred. We know because we measured. And finally opened the pen and added ink. Amazing to activate a 60 year old pen with no issues whatsoever. It’s like a “time capsule”. Even looking at the quality control card initialled “MB” and referencing it to Marcel on your website was excellent. Speaking of the website, it is perfect. Great descriptions and clear detailed photos. Easy to navigate. Keep up the great work everyone and I wish you continued success with your company!
Sincerely, Carl

BR - December 22nd 2018

Hello, more good news: three of the parcels arrived today! The pens are all amazing (as are the cases) and I cannot wait to ink them up and start writing. I really cannot believe that these are vintage pens; I feel as though I've been transported back to the decades in which they were originally produced! Thanks so much to you and the UberPens team. Warmly, B.

Martin - December 7th 2018

Hi, I just received my second order from your enterprise and I must offer my praise for your service. I buy a lot of products from small and big retailers, in person and online, and I think your order fulfillment may be the best that I've ever experienced. The packaging is superb. From the neat outer wrapping (including the classic string) to the interior pen boxes and individual pen bags, to the detailed warranty card along with the beautiful handwriting. It all says, "quality". I really love your attention to detail. It really shows and I for one appreciate it. I'm sure others do too. And of course, the pens that you are selling have met or exceeded my expectations. Whatever you're doing behind the scenes to make all this happen, please continue :-) Sincerely, Marty

BB - December 5th 2018

I'm pleased to inform you that the parcel arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled with the pen. Great service! I'll be a repeat customer. Thank you once again, Best Regards B

Jim - October 23rd 2018

I received the pen this morning. I’m very pleased with it, and your very professional service. I would recommend UberPens to anyone and will look to make further future purchases.. The packaging was also excellent.

Fatos - April 19th 2017

I just received the three pens. I just wanted you to know that I'm very happy with the products and specialty with you and your team. Many many thanks from the bottom of my heart, simply, it wouldn't be possible without your help. I can't express enough my thanks.

Zoltan - March 12th 2017

Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated! I am so glad I contacted you, you are really helpful and I am very grateful for that. The piston assembly, it worked out perfectly. Now my Pelikan 400NN works like a charm. You had been very helpful and nice to me. Thank you for everything

Kaito - Jan 25th 2017

I got the mechanical pencil which I ordered few days ago. When I opened the package, I was surprised because of good wrapping. The pencil is working perfect and very cool. Thank you and I will buy something at your shop.

Anand - Jan 23rd 2017

Thanks again. Pens arrived today. They are gorgeous. Will deal with Uber again. I am a happy returning customer.

Frank - Jan 22nd 2017

I have been a fanatic fan of you website since last summer. I am quite moved by your consistent performance and the mission page of your site! May the Force be with you!

Temo - Jan 16th 2017

I just received the pens. I'm very, very pleased!! They are all wonderfully lovely pens!!! Thank you again.

Tim - Jan 1st 2017

Scant few businesses have shown the concern for a customer that you have.

Deb - Dec 31st 2016

Thank you so much. I will always do business with you and your wonderful team. Take care & thank you for the hard work you do to get the precious pens to us who are so far away!! With Joy, Deb

Debbie - Dec 31st 2016

The beautiful Pelikan just arrived. Thank you so much for the careful & beautiful wrapping and for getting the pen to me safely. I appreciate your assistance and excellent customer service. I appreciate your follow up and commitment to outstanding customer service. That is what brings the customers back to you. Sincerely and Happy New Year!

Temo - Dec 31st 2016

Season's Greetings: I just received the Aurora fountain pen today & the plastic pen/pencil cases. The Aurora pen is absolutely lovely!!!

Christine - Dec 25th 2016

Refills arrived :) and they fit/work perfectly

Kenneth - Dec 24th 2016

The gold Diamond Point pen has arrived safely today, in time for Christmas. Thank you very much for sending it so quickly. Merry Christmas!

Eriko - Dec 9th 2016

The Montblanc Monte Rosa is now one of my absolute favorites! it write so beautifully...

Kam - Dec 7th 2016

Dear Natasha, I made a number of orders at the same time. This probably caused the omission on the part of your staff. It was just an unfortunate coincidence that the post offices messed up and delayed. Next time, I probably would choose another delivery option. You handled all issues calmly and understood the customer's perspective. That of itself deserves a gold medal. If you want me to leave positive feedback on your site, do let me have the link. May I wish you a Merry Christmas and a bright 2017.

Derek - Dec 7th 2016

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in that gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat" - Teddy Roosevelt.

Ed - Dec 6th 2016

The pen have arrived and I am very satisfied and happy with the ballpoint! I can tell you that the adaptor fits on the new refill from Montblanc and works perfectly! I am considering some Montblanc pen in the near future, and additional ballpoint perhaps. Hopefully you could provide after a very good experience with Uberpens. Thank you.

Pavel - Oct 25th 2016

Hello, Natasha! Many thanks! Set reached safely. Pens look better than in the photos. You and your company is very pleasant to deal with!

Aurélien - Sep 28th 2016

Wow! You are very fast!!! Thank you very very much. :)

Debasis - Sep 23rd 2016

The wait is over!!! I received the pen this afternoon. Although I found its a bit smaller than what I was expecting, I absolutely love the way it looks and writes. Very happy with the purchase. Thanks for following up and tracking the item.

Bob - Sep 22nd 2016

Natasha, The two little green world travelers arrived today in good shape. Great packing job on your part. The pens are wonderful. Thank you very much...bob

Manuel - Feb 3rd 2016

I received my pens and I am absolutely thrilled by them. Thank you so much for your considerate and exemplary customer service. I will certainly continue doing business with you. It is a great comfort to know that I am covered by your excellent warranty, although I don't expect I'll ever need to use it.

Manuel - Jan 27th 2016

Dear Natasha, Thank you so much for your concern, and for your generous shipping upgrading. It is truly a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you again for your extraordinary customer service.

Joel - Jan 19th 2016

Hi, I was really pleased with the 120 I purchased from you a couple of months ago. Thanks

Todd - Jan 12th 2016

Hello Natasha, Your shipment arrived a week ago on Monday. I am very happy with the Pens. Your company took very great care in packing and preparing the shipment, as well as seeing that the pens themselves were in very good condition. I appreciate all the care and the polite and professional communication very much. I now understand how you earned that 100% rating and am very impressed with your diligence. Highest praises regarding the pens and ink. They were exactly what I had hoped for. Peace & regards.

Benjamin - Jan 2nd 2016

Thanks very much again, I was very glad to find these parts available!

Ken - Dec 21st 2015

Just to say item has arrived ok. I am very pleased with it and thank you for prompt dispatch and careful packing. Hope to buy again from you Best Regards

Teodor - Dec 17th 2015

Hello,I got the parts, pen repaired, my P25 is writing again! Thanks and enjoy the Christmas

Dozer - Dec 10th 2015

The pen is amazing and works great will definitely be coming back to uberpens for more. Thank you

Jacqueline - Dec 10th 2015

Hello, I recently bought a pen from you all and I am thrilled with it!! Really like your site and have bookmarked it for future buys! -- Regards, Jacqueline

Donald - Dec 7th 2015

I received the Watereman's fountain pen from Uber via Sunday delivery! That's real customer service. The fountain pen is really nice. Works great! Thank you all at Uber Pens! PS There's a Russian (Army?) song; "Oh, Natasha!" You should change "bug report" to "hug" report! There were no problems of any kind! Thanks again. Really nice Watermans pen....

Claudio - Oct 4th 2015

Good morning! I want to let you know that I have just received your package!! But most of all, I want to thank you for your great customer service, and the wonderful product that I received. To be honest, it was better than I expected, all the Items that I got it came just like you described, and it made a very happy customer. Your company is very professional, I like to work with companies like yours. I will do my best to promote your business among my fellow Pen Lovers. I am looking forward to my desk purchase with you. Thank you again. Best, Claudio

Jim - Sep 17th 2015

Thank you for your help! The part came in last week's post; it fits perfectly and the pen is working like it was new.

Sergei - Aug 18th 2015

Dear Natasha, First of all thank you very much for two parcels I received yesterday: unpacking your items feels almost like Christmas to me and the both pens are gorgeous!..;-) Yesterday I came back home and found your first parcel (the Reform pen and the leather pouch): they are exactly as described and expected and your packaging is really amazing, so I thank you very much indeed!..;-) Frankly speaking, so far your service leaves nothing to be desired..;-) And I am not saying this in order to flatter you, no: I simply buy a lot of stuff online, I can compare and I wish every internet seller had your level of service. I am going to come back to you some time later when another interesting pen will be calling for me..;-)

Ron - Aug 18th 2015

Hi! Life is short, in this iteration, but Über-long in it’s entirety. For those for whom pens recreate the past, fondly, your company is a conduit. You, nor I, can predict whether the future will preserve our species’ use of the hand’s personality. We both can commiserate, or we can understand that a person will always yearn to make their thoughts artistically singular, and so not commiserate but tacitly know that the digital age in that sense is puerile and so: ephemeral. The pens I’ve found and bought from you are exquisite, perfect, and speak softly to each purpose and person for whom you’ve provided them, through me. Just as you sent this, I’ve bought another tonight, that will make it’s mark on the recipient’s heart and hand. Thank you for excellence. Ron

Donald - Aug 9th 2015

The Pen arrived today. Uber Pens provided excellent service - that's all that really matters. The Rotring pen is a real right out of the factory... Thank you all!

Tan - July 21st 2015

Hi, I got the pen yesterday. It is great! Thank you so much! The box arrived in excellent condition. And unpacking the pen is quite an experience I have to say! I am impressed that there is a instruction label on the box, which is very friendly and useful. And I like the way the pen is packed and the little warranty card. Very very nice.

Mark - Jan 27th 2014

Your items and service deserve praise. I've been having a few problems with ebay sellers. Wrong items, possibly fake items, endless calls and emails which is very irritating. The care with which you sell, describe and pack and send your merchandise is incredible and the quality of what you have for sale is also impeccable. With your company, it makes a light and refreshing change. Quality is impossible to go against, so you deserve all the praise you get. I Love the items, they are all gifts for my wife, my son, a good friend and I like to give special things to my special people. Thank you very much, Warm regards.


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