Meet the ProtoPens Team

Dragan Chichikj

Founder and CEO

Dragan is engineer of automatics and serial entrepreneur with number of startup companies. He helped start companies in US, China and EU, and he has also founded a non-profit NGO. His spirit for entrepreneurship was nourished in USA where he spent number of years.

Natasha Bogdanovska

Natasha is linguist. She was the first person to join ProtoPens. She was involved in some of the most critical stages of the company’s development both as an adviser, restorer and quality control. She took our quality standards to the next level paying extreme attention to detail on each and every item. She is also the chief of social media and customer support.

Milena Velevska

Milena is a teacher, and ProtoPens's chief restorer, quality control and shipping logistics person. She always had a great passion for handiwork, customizing bags, clothing, and other women's accessories, which made her the perfect person for the job. She maintains high quality in our work, always paying extreme attention to detail and setting new standards.

Biljana Tolevska

Biljana is the creative soul behind our YouTube videos, writing samples and our social media posts. Now you can have a face to match with the hands featuring in our YouTube videos. She also makes art and and with that gives life to our fountain pens. Biljana loves to draw and write and she uses flexible nibs the most, some of her favorite brands are Pelikan and Reform.

Marcel Balaz

Marcel is ProtoPens’s tech wizard! He is a software engineer. Marcel together with Dragan developed the website. Marcel developed this website on a powerful e-commerce platform, which he heavily customized to fit our needs. He continues to develop new and awesome functionalities for the website. When he joined ProtoPens he was gifted a Diplomat fountain pen, which he says its "cool".

Jeremy Hoyle

Co-founder, Legal and Administrative Adviser

Jeremy is a software engineer and serial entrepreneur who lives and works in Austin, Texas. He and Dragan met in 2013 in Austin, and their relation grew fast to a close friendship and work with startup companies. Jeremy is co-founder of LowerField Works LLC and it’s currently its Registered Agent as well as legal and administrative adviser.