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Company: is owned by LowerField Works LLC (Formerly known as UberWorks LLC) in Dale, Texas, USA, and its DBA (Doing Business As) ProtoPens (formerly known as which is its unregistered trademark.

LowerFiled Works LLC\ProtoPens address in USA is:
444 County Road
Buna, TX 77612

Our US company has a subsidiary in Europe - Macedonia, and we currently ship all items from our office in Macedonia.
Our company name & address in Macedonia:
D.I. Murato 12/16
7000 Bitola
N. Macedonia

In case of returns, please contact us for a return shipping address. Depending where you are located, we will provide you with return shipping address in USA or Europe.

We are also manufacturing our own line of high-quality notebooks & journals, (Formerly known as UBERWORKS Notebooks)

You can also find us on eBay. You can browse some our store items on

And this is where it all started... The beautiful and vibrant Austin, Texas!