Sell us your pens

Do you want to free up some space? Do you want to try new pens and sell the ones you don’t use, making some extra money in the process? If that is the case, sell us your pens! We are always willing to buy good vintage and new pens, pencils, cases, desktop items and other items. All you need to do is snap some photos and send them to us together with your offer.

We can also list your pens at and make the sale for you. If this is how you want it done, we will prepare your items for sale, polish them and make professional photographs. We will also write the detailed description, make the research and do the marketing. Usually a sale occurs within 1 week after the listing is up. We can also sell an entire collection. A professional sale with the service and support ProtoPens provides is highly valued among our customers.

Send us your offers at: or via the contact us page