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New Schneider 735 F BLUE Ballpoint Pen Giant Refill ISO 12757-2 G2 Made in Germany (Fits Vintage Pens) Item ID: INK-018

New Schneider 755 XB BLACK Ballpoint Pen Giant Refill ISO 12757-2 G2 Made in Germany (Fits Vintage Pens)

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Schneider 735 F BLUE Giant Ballpoint Pen Refill

Refill tech info:
Material: Metal
Color: Blue
BallTip size: F Fine size line (by Ballpoint pen standards. The actual line width is 0.2mm)
Length: 98.2mm
Refill diameter: 5.7mm
Front tip/section diameter: 2.5mm
Front tip/section length: 22mm

More nerdy info: Offered here is the probably the best on the market new international size ballpoint refill, the 775/735 G2 standard refill that fits many vintage ballpoint pens. The refill features a black waterproof ink, perfect for any job. The refill also features the new technology from Schneider called "Viscoglide" that ensures much smoother writing experience and inkflow. Super high precision steel front ball-tip ensures no skipping and constant smooth writing. These are the so called "giant international size refills" and these were used on many pens starting from 1960's onward. They are still used today on many new ballpoint pens.

If you are not sure if this refill fits your pen, please send us a Q via the form below, and describe your pen and model to us. This refill's spring limiter is the beginning of the wider section of the refill body. On some vintage ballpoint pens due to long time of not using the pen, the spring may have lost some of its torsion force, so all you need to do to make it work again is to simply stretch the spring a bit by pulling it from both ends. After you place it back in the pen together with the new refill it should work like a charm. Depending on the density, typeface and spacing of your handwriting the refill will write for approximately 250-270 A4/Letterhead pages of average size handwriting (which is a lot).

At UberPens, Schneider is one of our most beloved brands. German quality at it's best. Schneider produces some of the best office supplies and office level writing instruments in Europe. However their office supplies, such as refill, cartridges and other replacement units in many cases surpass even the highest quality. Schneider is one of the leading world innovators in the writing instruments, both in mechanics and chemicals of writing stuff, they are even responsible for today standardization of refills, as they were the first to set standards in size and form factors. The company was founded in 1938 producing screws, but after the war they started to produce pen refills. They were one of the first in Europe to do so, and some of the biggest pen manufacturers in Europe outsourced their refill manufacturing to Schneider. They became one of the best and most recognized brand in Germany, everyone had a Schneider refill in their pen, they produced billions (yes, with a B) refills per year. The other super important thing we care at UberPens is the environment. This is why Schneider is our No.1 brand when it comes to that. They are one of the most environmentally conscious pen companies in the world!

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