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PELIKAN 120 140 400 M Souveran Series Fountain Pen Nib Feed Ring Collar Replacement Unit Repair Part Item ID: DEL-039

PELIKAN 120 140 400 M Souveran Series Fountain Pen Nib Feed Ring Collar Replacement Unit Repair Part

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Pelikan 120 140 400 M Souveran Collar-Feed Ring

Finally, a solution to one of vintage Pelikan pens worst problems. Offered here is a Pelikan collar (feed ring), a part which holds the nib onto the feed and screws both as one unit into the barrel. This is a new replacement feed ring-collar manufactured in UK. This part also in a way embodies everything a Pelikan pen stands for, everything we love about Pelikan pens, and that is, perfection in simplicity, reliability focused engineering, i.e. "if something works, don't change it". This part was first introduced in early 1950s, starting with Pelikan 140 and 120 (Type 1) pens, as well as the 400 series and all of their variations, 400N, 400NN, 400M, 500, 600, and so on. To this day, and on many Pelikan pens, including almost all M line pens as well as the Souveran line, this part is actually the same. Only the material is changed, but its size and tread are the same. What other pen in the world has an interchangeable part spanning 7 decades? This means that one can actually have a Pelikan 140 nib unit installed on a M line pen and vice-versa.

This collar (feed ring) will fit the nibs on the feeds on the following models from the 50's to 70's:
Pelikan 120 Type 1
Pelikan 140 all models
Pelikan 400 and all its variations 400N 400NN, ext
Pelikan 500 and all its variations 500N 500NN, ext
Pelikan 520 and all its variations 520N 520NN, ext

Pelikan 600 and all its variations 600N 600NN, ext
Pelikan 700 and all its variations 700N 700NN, ext
From the 80's onwards:
All models from M75 to M250 with the exception of push-in nib/feed/collar units found on some rare M150 and M200 pens with non-threaded collars
All vintage and current M/Souveran models from M400 to M760 and all of their variations.
This part also fits many of the limited edition pens, as long as they are not larger than M700 size and have the threaded collar.
***NOTE: This part does NOT fit Souveran models and any of their variations on models M800, M900 and M1000 as those collars are bigger.

When first made, this part on the early Pelikan 120/140/400 pens was made out of ebonite (hard rubber), same as the feeder. This made the part extremely resistant to corrosion, but also provided much needed flexibility, since when placed over the nib and feed, it is not actually a perfect circle, rather it gets a slightly elliptical shape, i.e. it adapts to the combined shape the nib and feed make as a whole unit. Needless to say it was perfect; to this day we have never seen one cracked or broken in any way. However few years later, as plexiglass like materials became more popular, Pelikan started to make this part out of similar kind of material. We are not sure why, but this material showed it was not very good choice for this part. It is not flexible and it easily cracks. Almost in every Pelikan 120, 140, 400 or any other pen fitted with this part made out of plexiglass, we find this part to be cracked. When this part is cracked, even though it can appear that it holds the nib and feed, it actually does not, and the ink will leak around the feed and nib instead of flowing inside it, hence render any of the pens fitted with this "plexiglass like" part useless. It also loosens the feed and nib, and it may appear that the pen is broken.

Finally after several years, Pelikan replaced the plexiglass again, with some kind of plastic. Only in the 80s this part was replaced again with a plastic part but also reinforced with a metal ring. Those metal ringed collars are actually good, but they lack that flexibility in order to get that slight elliptical shape and fit over the nib and feed, but also make the nib unit feel more stiffer.

Which brings us to this part. Made to provide the performance the original ebonite feed ring/collar did. Made out of  black acetal plastic, which is both strong and chemically inert. It also allows the part to expand slightly, i.e. adapt to that combined shape of the feed and nib. It is basically the ideal feed ring collar for all of these Pelikans, made in the span of 70 years.

HOW TO replace it:
It is very easy to replace this part on any of the vintage Pelikan pens accepting it, you will just need to properly align the nib and feed, and while holding those firmly, place this part from the back side of the feed, and push it forward. How to align the nib and feed? Usually there will be a mark already on the feed made by the nib, just align the nib to those marks and lock them with this collar. There will be also a mark both on the feed and the nib as to where the collar should be placed, i.e. how far. It is different on different pens, but generally speaking, the back end of the nib should be aligned with the back end of this collar. In order to remove the cracky old collar, in the case when it does not unscrews together with the feed and nib (which most likely it won't), use a small sharp tool, preferably sharp on the two edges, stick it inside and unscrew gently. You can also try to use a wooden chopstick. Do not press to hard on the tool or the chopstick as you may crack the section, just insert it gently so you can achieve friction. These plexiglass collars have a stubborn tendency not to come off easily as they are cracked and the tread cannot move normally, i.e. cannot unscrew easily. If that is the case, try to gently chip it out piece by piece with a sharp tool, minding not to damage the inner tread of the pen. Before doing any kind of work, leave the pen in tap water for several days... pens love tap water! This is small but crucial part that makes a world of difference to those amazing Pelikan pens we all love!

This listing is for 1 feed ring/collar, in new condition.

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