FEND Fendograph Solid 900 Silver Super Flexible 14K EF ro BBB Nib Piston Fountain Pen

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1936 Unique Amazing FEND Fendograph Solid 900 Silver Super Flexible 14K EF ro BBB Nib Piston Fountain Pen Item ID: VAR-040

FEND Fendograph Solid 900 Silver Super Flexible 14K EF ro BBB Nib Piston Fountain Pen

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Fend Fendograph 900

Manufacturer/Model: FEND Fendograph 900/Germany
Year of production: Mid to Late 1930’s
Filling system: Special Fend opposite piston filler with spiral and turning knob cap
Nib: Solid 14K 585 Original Fendograph Nib, fully flexible, writes EF, F, M, B, BB and BBB
Material: Grip section and ink window deep amber red cellulose; Body and cap solid 900 sterling silver
Length (pen closed): 123mm, posted at 150mm

Condition and information:
When a company obsessed with precision, and a company which made some of the most complicated ballpoint pens mechanisms, decides to make a fountain pen, this is the result, the simply astonishing Fendograph 900 series by Fend, by many, the perfect fountain pen, with a very similar form factor as the famous Montblanc Lorenzo de Medici. There is so much unique things these rare Fend pens feature, that makes them one of the best vintage pens in the world. The FEND company was one of the very few bold small companies that didn't look to the other manufactures products before making their own, thus everything was on the table, and with this mindset they advanced the pen industry by decades. The pen has a unique and rare decagon polygon shape form factor. It also features a stunning multi-pattern amazingly fine and precise guilloche patterns, so fine that is even difficult to capture on photos. One of the most beautiful and amazing features is the spiral long ink window. The spiral gives impression to the user as if the ink window had rhomboids, but its a spiral that is visible on the front and back other sides giving the illusion of a rhomboids form. Deep dark red amber like ink window, amazing color identical to the old Montblanc pens from the 30's and 40's. The design draws inspiration from the Art Deco era, and this pen embodies that style, both by form factor as well as the engraved patterns. Another feature is the opposite turning knob piston with a spiral. Unlike other pistons this one is opposite, allowing for a bling cap to be placed on the same tread on top of the pen, which prevents accidental piston turns and thus leaks. The pen is compact when closed, at 123mm, however since it has a very long cap, when posted the pen is at full 150mm, same and even longer then any standard size posted fountain pen. The most amazing feature is the super flexible nib, suspended over the original "dragon tale" feed. The nib is fully flexible and it will write anything from EF to triple broad. Simply amazing writing experience, and a wet pen to support such ink demand. The pen is heavy, solid 900 silver, perfectly balanced when posted, feels firmly in the hand. These are some of the rarest pens in the world, and with a reason, the company manufactured these pens in very low quantities and only few are left from this era. Also these pens were one of the most expensive at the time, high-end pens and only few were sold unlike the mainstream pens at the time. The materials used were the best possible, either solid steel, brass, silver, solid gold, rolled gold. The manufacturing precision, attention to detail, quality is simply superb, impossible to overstate. The pen is in absolute mint condition, no cracks, no scratches, minimal signs of use, simply perfect.

About the company: FEND writing instruments company was founded in a small town in Germany which was renowned by its tradition in jewelry crafting and work with precious metals. Many of the families of that town were jewelers. Then it’s not hard to understand, why FEND’s instruments were primarily made out of precious metals, but also the extreme attention to detail, both in engineering aspects and in decoration aspects; all FEND pens have a stunning finish with intricate guilloche patterns. It’s very also interesting to know, that some of Germany’s top pen manufacturers, brought their pens to FEND, usually their limited or high-end editions for the finish work, such as gold overlay, guilloche crafting and other precious metal finishes. Their biggest customer was Montblanc. Unfortunately, the FEND company does not exist today; it was sold around late 60’s. Quite noticeably, most of the FEND pens future an profound Art Deco design.


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