KAWECO 36 / 36G Fountain Pen
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1960's KAWECO 36 / 36G Black Resin Semi-Flexible 14K Gold M Nib Fountain Pen in Box Item ID: KAW-001

1960's KAWECO 36G Black Resin 14K Nib Fountain Pen in Box

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Manufacturer/Model: Kaweco 36/36G/Germany
Year of production: Early 1960's
Filling system: Piston filling
Nib: Semi-flexible M Solid 14K 585 gold, will write B broad & BB double broad
Material: Black resin, highest shine and gloss plastic, gold plated trimmings
Length (pen closed): 129mm, posted at 146mm

Condition and information:

A highest class Kaweco pen at the time, to rival Montblanc's Masterpiece models. The pen has two separate body widths that give the pen extraordinary grip, handling, balance and feel in the hand. The build quality is astonishing, its entirely made out of black resin, the signature material of Montblanc, highly tempered plastic that gives out a unique gloss and shine. This is the best material to make pens from as it does not scratch easily and always shines. The pen is absolute mint condition, near new, originally preserved. The nib is semi-flexible, will write up to BB double broad with slight pressure when writing. All trimmings are gold filled and imprints are crisp. Piston is very smooth taking a substantial amount of ink. The pen features a rare blue cap-top. In the original Kaweco stores the customer had an option to choose a different color cap-top which would allow the buyer to distinguish the different ink colors in a palette of same pens, such as 4 same pens but fitted with red, green, blue or black cap-tops to represent the ink being used. This was convenient feature for many people who used these pens for drawing or document filing. The pen is easy to use, efficient, practical, easy to clean and maintain, well balanced, with great form factor and very reliable, one of the best vintage Kaweco pens of all time. The pen comes in its original Kaweco presentation box. 

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