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1980s West W. Germany Classic Pelikan M150/481 Black Resin EF Extra Fine Flexible Nib Piston Fountain Pen + Ink Bottle in Box Item ID: PEL-143

1980s West W. Germany Classic Pelikan M150/481 Black Resin EF Extra Fine Flexible Nib Piston Fountain Pen + Ink Bottle in Box

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Pelikan M150/481 Fountain Pen & Ink Bottle

Manufacturer/Model: Pelikan W. Germany/ M150/481
Year of production: 1985-87
Filling system: Piston filling
Nib: Gold Plated Steel, EF Extra Fine;
Material: Black Plastic Resin, Gold Plated Metal Parts (Clip & Cap ring)
Length (pen closed): 122mm; Posted 141mm
Condition and information:

The M150 was first introduced in 1985, the black version reportedly first followed by several colored versions. These pens are similar in size to the M100 and the two are frequently mistaken. The easiest way to identify them is the rhodium trim on the M100 and the gold trim on the M150. There are two variants of the M150 trim, depending on the release year. In 1997 Pelikan restyled their trim levels resulting in combinations of pre-'97 and post-'97 trim. The pre-'97 pens are differentiated by a derby cap top, gold-colored trim, absence of a trim ring on the barrel, and beveled cap band and lip. The post-'97 pens have a top of the crown cap, a gold-colored trim, a trim ring at the piston knob, and the cap band was not beveled any more.
Pen here is a 1980s M150/481 model with great performance and functionality, one of the last Pelikan pens that will bear the insignia "W. Germany", it was produced right before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Pens made from the 1970s to the late 1980s were marked with “W.Germany”, while post-1989 (with the unification of Germany), were marked with “Germany” imprints.

The pen is crafted in high-gloss, high-quality resin which gives the pen a great appeal and it is also scratch protective. Lovers of the unmistakable Pelikan style will enjoy the classic black. The gold-plated decorative ring features nice crisp engravings that read “W. Germany” and “Pelikan”.
The clip is decorated with the traditional Pelikan beak design.
The pen’s compact physique will allow you to take it everywhere you are because it can fit even in the smallest pocket of a jacket. Although it only measures 122mm it feels good in the hand and even better when the cap is posted giving the pen longer length and balance.

This fountain pen is equipped with a reliable piston mechanism which is very smooth and has taken the design from earlier Pelikan pens. The pen features a beautiful gray see-through window which indicates ink level and it is a great feature since the user can always know how much ink is left and can have comfortable long writing sessions with no surprises.
The pen is fitted with a polished gold-plated, handmade EF nib made out of high-quality stainless steel. The nib features good flexibility which is a real rarity for steel nibs, it will write different sizes of line width F. M, B, BB, and even 3B with slight pressure while writing. It will offer you the best writing experience as it simply glides on any paper.
When first made, the feed ring on the early Pelikan 120/140/400 pens was made out of ebonite (hard rubber), the same as the feeder. This made the part extremely resistant to corrosion, but also provided much-needed flexibility. However a few years later, as plexiglass-like materials became more popular, Pelikan started to make this part out of similar kinds of material. This material showed it was not a very good choice for this part. Finally, after several years, Pelikan replaced the plexiglass again, with some kind of plastic. Only in the 80s, this part was replaced again with a plastic part but also reinforced with a metal ring. Those metal ringed collars are actually good and more resistant and this pen being an 80s model features this kind of metal ringed collar.

The pen comes manufactory packed together with a 4001 ink in blue color. The ink has a very good consistency and fast drying. It does not coagulate or leave stains as it is water-based. This ink is optimally formulated for all Pelikan fountain pens, and it will give the best results. However, it can be used for any fountain pen with no setbacks. The bottle is unopened and it has the original sticker and design that was made since 1897.

Classic elegant writing instrument with beautiful design and performance that only vintage pen like this can have.
The pen is in perfect mint condition never inked before coming in its original vintage Pelikan presentation box with a guarantee from the manufacturer.


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