Parker 105 Fligher DeLuxe Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

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Amazing and Rare 1980 Parker 105 Flighter DeLuxe Matt Radially Brushed Stainless Steel B Broad Nib Fountain Pen Item ID: PAR-046

1980 Parker 105 Flighter DeLuxe Matt Radially Brushed Stainless Steel B Broad Nib Fountain Pen

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Parker 105 Flighter 

• Manufacturer/Model: Parker/105 Flighter/UK 
• Year of production: 1980-1981 
• Filling system: Original bladder converter included; may be removed for using standard Parker cartridges
• Nib: Stainless Steel, B Broad Size 
• Material: Solid Stainless Steel Matt Radially brushed  
• Length (pen closed): 131mm; Posted 144mm; Thick pen 12mm @cap diameter  
• Condition and information:
One of the rarest Parker pens of the 80s. This pen was made for less than two years only, and was launched in 1979 as a luxury pen called "105 Gold Bark" model. That was also the pen with which wedding of the Prince Charles and Lady Diana was commemorated with a 1000 run limited edition. However in 1980 this cheaper stainless steel model was launched. It didn't caught up probably due to its unpopular look at the time, when people wanted more streamlined pens with less edges. This is why it was discontinued only less than 2 years since its launch; but that makes it now one of the most sought after pens of that era. The engineering is a true perfection. This was the era when Parker employed a super high precision manufacturing  machines, where tolerances were measured in 1/1000 of a millimeter. This is very evident on the front section where 3 square like extrusions come out from the section and are spring loaded from the inside to hold the cap secure. Before this technology this was done by an insert in the cap which would hold the section in place. The trends at the time did not do this pen a justice. Now this form reminds of the early 1930s European pens with simple and clear form factor, perfectly simple where "form follows function". Its a clean, straight cap and body with no cap rings and no distractions. The thick solid stainless steel is radially matte brushed. The pen has a flat ends on both the cap and the body, it can even stand upright on the desk, contemporary design is aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity with its timeless look. Its extremely durable, even the section is stainless steel, rarely seen on any pen. The nib is also solid steel to match the whole theme of the pen. It is a full B broad and will write constant wide and wet lines, beautiful writer. The nib and feed are super easy to remove, just by pulling them out from the front. This allows for easy access to the feed and inside of the section so it can be easily cleaned and maintained. Pen is heavy with a great grip and feel in the hand. Whether your preference is to write with the cap posted or not, the pen is designed to remain delightfully balanced either way. The beautiful nib design includes a large nib with circular shape extending from the front section. This nib manages to blend very well with the overall pen design, incorporating the overall sleek look and feel of the pen from the cap all the way to the nib’s end. The pen comes with its original bladder converter, however it can be used with standard Parker cartridges or piston converter. The pen is in near NOS (new old stock) condition with no signs of use, perfectly preserved.


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