Extremely Rare Time Capsule 1960s MONTBLANC No. 32 With Exposed Thick D Nib DEF Size 14K 585 Gold Dokumentieren Fountain Pen in Box

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Extremely Rare Time Capsule 1960s MONTBLANC No. 32 With Exposed Thick D Nib DEF Size 14K 585 Gold Dokumentieren Fountain Pen in Box Item ID: MON-110

Extremely Rare 1960s MONTBLANC No. 32 With Exposed D Size 14K Super Thick Nib (DF) Dokumentieren Fountain Pen

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MONTBLANC No.32 with Exposed D Nib

Manufacturer/Model: Montblanc/32 Exposed Nib/Germany
Year of production:
 Mid 60s (1965-1966) 
Filling system: Piston Filling
Nib: Extremely rare very thick D Nib, size D EF (Dokumentieren Extra Fine) Size, Solid 14K 585 gold; Ultra Stiff & Strong Nib  
Material: All body & cap black resin, Gold Filled trimmings  
Length (pen closed): 128mm; posted 137mm

Condition and information:

We are proud to offer this extremely rare Montblanc No.32 with exposed nib, as opposed to the regular 32 model which had two types of semi-hooded nibs. This pen was made in much lesser numbers, and usually only per a specific order. Even more rare is this unique D size nib, D standing for "Dokumentieren" where the nib is so stiff, it is actually meant to be used for writing several carbon copies at once. Here at ProtoPens we see these nibs occasionally, but usually not as stiff or thick as this one. No such gold nibs are manufactured for decades now, and it seems there won't be any made in the future too. As opposed to the standard nibs, D nibs had only couple of sizes, DEF or DF, D extra fine or D fine, as there was no point in making stiff nibs in various sizes. Besides the slight difference in form factor, the main difference from a standard nib with a D nib is its thickness. The D nib on this pen is at least 3 times thicker than a standard nib. On the last few photos you can see this nib next to a standard 14K Montblanc F size nib. The thickness difference is striking. No matter what kind of pressure the user exerts while writing, the tines won't spit apart and the nib does not bend. This would allow the user to press very hard when making carbon copies and make several at once. Since the size is EF, the carbon copy would also produce a fine line. This makes the writing constant with constant line, but also even if the pen is dropped face on the nib, the nib is less likely to bend or damage.

Most remarkably though, the pen here comes as it was sold roughly 60 years ago, a true time capsule, still in its original presentation box and papers, nib size sticker on the body, and even more remarkably in its original carton box as well. These rarely survived to this day. The box is properly marked with "32D" stamp and even stamp "1", stating there is 1 pen in the box. This would allow the store seller to quickly and securely locate a particular pen without even needing to look inside the box.

There were several variations on this 32 model at the time, including two models baring the same 32 model numbers but with semi-hooded nibs. In this model family there were also the 22, 32, 34, 31, and many more. The 60s Montblanc pens were the start of the new era, unlike the 3xx number series which had torpedo-like shape, these pens were modern, elongated, with sharp edges, more reliable and with focus on functionality. The Precious Black Resin, the signature Montblanc material gives the pen a unique shine and gloss but also a protection, as this material is hard to scratch or damage. Pens made out of black resin will always shine like new, mirror like. The piston is smooth and takes a considerable amount of ink. Beautiful blue ink window under the blue tread, and the signature Montblanc star located on both the turning knob and cap. Its extremely pleasant and easy to use pen, completely unscrewable front section gives easy access to the piston shaft and nib unit, thus making it easy to clean and maintain even with tap water. Crisp inscription on the caps band/ring "Montblanc - No.32 - ". Extremely rare Montblanc pen with extremely unique nib and impossible to find condition, which  echoes how some fountain pens were used and needed decades ago and how essential they were in our daily lives.

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