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Golden Star 703 Steel Black Section F Fine Hooded Nib Aeromatic Press Converter Fountain Pen Item ID: VAR-153

Golden Star 703 Steel Black Section F Fine Hooded Nib Aeromatic Press Converter Fountain Pen

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Golden Star 703 Fountain Pen

Manufacturer/Model: Golden Star Beijing China/ 703
Year of production: 1970s
Filling system: Aeromatic squeeze Pilot converter
Nib: F fine size; Steel hooded nib
Material: Chromed steel, High-grade black plastic section
Length (pen closed): 135mm
Condition and information:

Founded in Shanghai the Jin Xing (Golden Star) Pen Company was established by three Korean brothers and later on in the 1950s there was an opening of a branch plant in Beijing which at first used parts made in Shanghai but later on, got component manufacturers from Beijing and slowly but surely stepped down from the Shanghai pen designs. The production of pens continued for some time both in the Shanghai and the Beijing firms, but the two firms marked their writing instruments with "KSPC" (Kin Sin Pen Co.) and "GSPC" (Golden Star Pen Co.) so they can be differentiated. When the firm stationed in Shanghai switched from producing pens into producing TV sets in the 1970s the Golden Star was the only exclusive Beijing brand left.
The golden Star company produced well made high-quality pens which often were a nice retake on the Parker and Sheaffer's models which were making the most popular models at the time and everyone was looking up to them.
The pen presented here is not an exception; it is modeled after the Parker 61 and 51 models which features similar characteristics on the exterior but it also features many other unique features. The arrow on the original Parker 61, was proposed in 1989 by the designer Don Doman as a solution to the confusion that the pen users had deciding which side was up and which was down on the hooded nib pen. However, there were some problems with this design, and even when the arrows were molded the pen users were complaining that they were falling off. This pen features a similar form to an arrow inlaid in the grip section, however, we haven’t seen one falling off yet which may mean that this part is made even better on this pen.

The pen is crafted in steel which is polished giving the pen a mirror look finished with a nice elegant guilloche pattern which goes throughout the whole length of the pen finishing in circular lines on the top and the end of the pen.
It features a spring-loaded clip which when being pulled instead of bending it retracts back giving it great flexibility suitable to be put over any thickness of a pocket material or a notebook cover.

The pen is fitted with an F size stainless steel gold plated hooded nib. The hooded nib prevents the ink from drying out even if the fountain pen is sometimes left open, also the hooded nib is physically more protected. The aerometric mechanism of the fountain pen is very practical as it allows easy and clean filling and can contain a substantial amount of ink.
The cap and the barrel of the pen are massively built contributing for its substantial weight and good balance while writing.
The pen is a good writer and will provide you with a smooth writing experience simply gliding on the paper. It just feels right in the hand whether posted or not posted with a perfect grip.
A truly amazing vintage pen with great built quality and design perfect for your daily writing sessions.

The pen comes in mint condition perfectly preserved ready to be used.


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