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NOS 1992 Parker "88" RIALTO Matte Dark Olive Green Gold F Nib Converter/Cartridge Fountain Pen Made in UK Item ID: PAR-034

NOS 1992 Parker "88" RIALTO Matte Dark Olive Green Gold F Nib Converter/Cartridge Fountain Pen Made in UK

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Parker 88/Rialto

Manufacturer/Model: Parker/ 88/Rialto /Made in UK
Year of production: 1987-2007 (This pen 1992)
Filling system: Standard Parker Cartridges or Converter - Piston Converter Included
Nib: Steel, Semi-hooded; F Fine size, 23K Gold Plated
Material: Metal, matte green finished, Gold Plated Trimmings
Length (pen closed): 133mm

Condition and information:
"The Parker "88" was elegedly inspired by the French fashion centre in general, and the French square Place Vendôme in particular, Parker advertised the "88" as a tribute to the beauty of the contemporary European design. The Place Vendôme being "the majestic square that is home to the world's finest jewelers".The history of the Place Vendôme square dates back to 1702 when it was laid out to commemorate the conquests of the armies of king Louis XIV. Later the famous column was erected by Napoléon Bonaparte to celebrate the victory of Austerlitz. The spiraling relief was made from bronze plates made from captured enemy cannons and was designed by Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret. It originally had a statue of Napoléon on top. Well the Parker "88" pens didn't really resemble the Place Vendôme column, save in shape, but maybe that was enough. The first Parker "88" had a 22-karat, gold plated stainless steel nib with ruthenium tip which was offered in the sizes Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. It was fitted with a cartridge or converter and was offered as a fountain pen and capped ball pen. The Parker "88" was in fact introduced in 1987 in the UK, but Parker wanted the name to chime with the release date and "88" looked better than "87", so the official launching year is still 1988. In August of 1992 the complete line of Parker "88" was redesigned. The gold filled pen, trim and nib were now in 23-karat gold and all sections and plastic trim were black, as opposed to the earlier coloured sections. The high end pens were still offered and two new laque metallic designs were introduced in Maroon and Grey. Also two new matte finishes were offered, Matte Black and Matte Dark Green." Source:

The pen is in NOS new old stock condition never used, still with its price tag. It is superbly build pen, and these series were made in the UK's Parker plant. Feels solid and but light in the hand, with good grip and thickness. Comes with a piston converter but it can be used with a standard Parker cartridges. The nib is F - fine, non-scratchy and smooth, with a constant nice line without skipping. Trimmings are gold plated. Perfect everyday workhorse pen by Parker.

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