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Original PATROMATIC Cartridge/ Converter Filler Orange & Silver Steel EF Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen Item ID: VAR-145

Original PATROMATIC Cartridge/ Converter Filler Orange & Silver Steel EF Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen

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Patromatic Fountain Pen

Manufacturer/Model: Patromatic Germany/ Patromatic
Year of production: Late 1970s early 1980s
Filling system: Cartridges or converter
Nib: Semi-flexible; EF Extra Fine size; Stainless Steel
Material: Metal, High-grade plastic
Length (pen closed): 133mm
Condition and information:

Patromatic was a German company that had their pens manufactured in Australia. The Australian manufacturer was bought by Eversharp that was bought up by Parker in the late ’50s. The manufacturing process continued under all three names into the '80s when Parker moved the majority of their fountain pen manufacturing to their Canadian factory. Parker fountain pens are now made in China and the Eversharp versions by the Wahl-Eversharp Company in Italy and the US. Pen here is a Patromatic fountain pen by the German company built by their high-quality standards.
On the outside, the pen shares a lot of details that remind of the famous Parker 45 flighter.
The pen is crafted in high-grade plastic in vibrant orange color, this kind of material physically protects the pen since it is more scratch and crack resistant rather than other materials. The silver and orange combination creates a beautiful pen that catches the eye and won’t leave any pen lover indifferent when they see it. This model is usually found in blue color but the orange one is a real rarity to see these days.
The cap features a nice inscription with the Patromatic branding name.

It features a slip-on/off cap that posts nicely and gives the pen longer length and balance while writing.
The pen is fitted with a solid stainless steel EF Extra Fine nib. Although the nib is made of steel it doesn’t feel stiff as other steel nibs usually do. It features some decent flexibility with a little pressure applied while writing the tines will split a little and it will produce a variety of line widths.
The pen uses a cartridge filling system but it can also be used with a converter if the user wants to fill the pen from an ink bottle.
It is a smooth writer with a continuous ink flow providing for constant lines with no skipping. It feels great in the hand with a perfect feel and although it is made out of plastic it feels substantial in the hand when it is posted due to the metal cap which adds a nice balance.
An excellent choice for your everyday writing sessions with no hand fatigue and no worries.

The pen comes in mint condition with no cracks or scratches ready to be used.


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