Kaweco Colleg 55A Fountain Pen

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Rare 1930s Kaweco Colleg 55A Fountain Pen Piston large Ink Window Fully Flexible 14K Gold F to 3B Nib Item ID: KAW-020

Rare 1930s Kaweco Colleg 55A Fountain Pen Piston large Ink Window Fully Flexible 14K Gold F to 3B Nib

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Kaweco Colleg 55A

• Manufacturer/Model: Kaweco Colleg 55A/Germany
• Year of production: 1930s
• Filling system: Piston Filling
• Nib: Fully flexible F 14K 585 solid gold, writes up to BB double-broad
• Material: Cellulose with gold filled clip and ring trimmings
• Length (pen closed): Compact at 125mm, but thick pen 13mm in diameter
• Comes with 1 Year International Warranty from myUberPens
• Comes in UberPens Presentation/Gift Box/Case and Microfiber Cloth
• Condition and information:
Kawco Colleg line was started in 1934, with piston filling systems. This was a similar pen to the Helios and later Transparent series, where it was bringing some of the best Kaweco know-how of the time, but was also more affordable. This pen is a piston filling system, some of the best ever, where Kaweco build on the existing pistons to make one of their own, which was in many cases superior to its competitors. Originally the pen had a oak cork, but we have replaced the cork with two rubber O rings, which now provides for a perfect fit and smooth piston operation, will never need replacement and ensures your new pen will never leak ink. There are many reasons why writers may choose piston style pens over others, such as cartridges. Those with pistons allow the user much more freedom with ink colors, in addition to the piston being a more primal fountain pen experience. You will not find this pen available for sale very often; especially in this absolute mint condition, with no cosmetic or functional defects whatsoever. It comes with gold filled trimmings; both clip and ring. Pen is shiny and clean with crisp imprints. Barrel imprints state “COLLEG KAWECO – FABRIKAT” and near the pen’s end is the type: “55A”, followed by an “F” for the nib size. The other side of the barrel contains a “23” imprint. The clip has the customary KaWeCo three part circle company logo, which was adopted in 1930 and still used today on nearly all of Kaweco’s pens. Pen is made of Cellulose, a ­­­­­­­­­plastic derivative which has a pleasingly warm feel in the hand. Pen’s nib is made of solid 14K gold. This nib is very pleasing to write with, like many Kaweco nibs, as it give so much with so little effort. You will be amazed at how quickly this pen will turn into your daily writer, as its point will easily extend for you from F fine to M medium, B broad, and even all the way to 3B triple-broad. Because of its excellent range, pen is ideal for many different writing styles, from those who write tiny, to bold writers with lots of loops and swirls. Depending on the applied pressure the nib will produce wide lines on the down and side strokes. It is very smooth on the paper with no scratching. This nib will produce one of the best writing one can hope to achieve with a fountain pen. Pen is very pleasing in hand; it is very thick, classic ergonomic body has a great grip and balance both posted and unposted. Pen is a distinctive black with an attractive and very useful amber-color like ink window. Ink windows were first patented in 1899 by Albert A. Hofmann. His idea did, however, catch on 20 years later, and in the 1910s manufacturers became enamored with using celluloid in this manner, in order to allow writers to read their ink levels. Pen is in the old style design with edges; this old style coupled with its absolute mint condition will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time to the 1930s as you use this fine instrument. Pens such as this are not just objects, but rather experiences waiting to be felt.


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