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Rare 2004 UK PARKER Duofold International Special Edition Pinstripe Striped Dark Navy Oxford Blue PT 18K Gold M Medium Nib Fountain Pen w/ Piston Converter Item ID: PAR-089

Rare 2004 UK PARKER Duofold International Special Edition Pinstripe Striped Dark Navy Oxford Blue PT 18K Gold M Medium Nib Fountain Pen w/ Piston Converter

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Parker Duofold International Pinstripe Blue

Manufacturer/Model: Parker Duofold International; Pinstripe Blue Special Edition; Made in UK
Year of production: Made in 2004
Filling system: Parker Cartridges or Piston Converter (Original Parker Piston Converter Included)
Nib: Solid 18K 750 two tone gold, M Medium size
Material: Highest Grade Acrylic Resin; Platinum Trimmings (PT)
Length (pen closed): 132mm; Posted at 164mm
Condition and information:

You can see a video of this actual pen in action here:

Inspired by the classic pinstripe Ladies and Gents clothing style, this is a Special Edition Parker International made only in 2004 by the UK plant. It's a piece of art! The gentle yet subtle classic stripes on the pen, made in soft grey and creme colors give the pen an amazing classic yet super elegant look. The pen simply stands out. This model is identical to the International size, in fact, it is the International Duofold size, but since it is a Special Edition it has just one design difference, that is it has 3 thinner cap bands/rings as opposed to its siblings from the same era, the MKII which had two thicker bands. The pen has platinum-plated trimmings as well as its nib is two-tone gold and platinum. This pen was made only for a very short period of time in the UK plant, and later it was made in France.
 These were among the first Parker pens to be produced with super high precision machines, and hundreds of steps and parts involved, and the result is visible. The pen simply stands out in quality, as soon as it's held it gives a feel and impression of perfection in craftsmanship. It's perfectly balanced with a great grip and feel. The pen is large posted, or not. It will feel comfortable in the hand and glide over the paper effortlessly with its super smooth M medium nib. The nib is large 18K 750 gold, M medium size, very very smooth on the paper with constant ink-flow and fine writing. This is an extremely easy pen to use and maintain. Easy to disassemble and clean. The feed is a slip-on type (without a collar), so easy to remove simply by pulling it together with the nib. They are also very easy to align and put back into the section again, as there is a notch on the feed where the nib locks in place exactly. It can be used with its original included Parker ink piston converter or standard Parker cartridges. Will come in an original Parker box. Simply a superb pen, one of the best ever made by Parker, unbelievable quality, looks and feel, endurance, design, and performance. Everything a great fountain pen should be.

The pen is in perfect near NOS condition, never used, no scratches or any cosmetic issue, perfect condition. 

*Last several photos show this pen next to some of its siblings, Jasper Red, Citrine Check & Platinum Black PT, all Duofold International Size. Even though on some photos they may appear slightly different in size, they are not, they are identical in size. This is due to a photo angle and slight setting misalignment.

A question that comes quite often is, what is the difference between Parker Duofold Centennial and International?

Basically, they are the same pen where the only difference is the size. Simply put, the Centennial is enlarged International. All details trims, and proportions are roughly the same. Even though they are both big pens, the Centennial is slightly larger than the International, both in thickness and length. It is also approximately 1/3 heavier, depending on the model. Some prefer the International size for day to day use as opposed to the Centennial. The International model is slightly handier, feels more natural in the hand as it's a more normal-sized pen. The Centennial is a thicker pen and besides its imposing looks and appeal it's not a pen many people would use comfortably and continuously several hours per day. Almost all the Parker Duofold pen models and variations from this era were made in both Centennial and International versions, including this pen. Only very few models were made in either Centennial or International version only. The nibs are also different in size. The Centennial size is 1 size larger in diameter and length, so nib units are not interchangeable from Centennial to International and vice versa.

The dimensions of Parker Duofold Centennial vs International are as follows (may vary slightly by models):

Overall length closed/capped:

Centennial: ~137mm
International: ~132mm

Overall length posted:

Centennial: ~173mm
International: ~164mm

Body diameter/thickness:

Centennial: ~13mm
International ~12mm

Cap diameter/thickness:

Centennial: ~15mm
International ~14mm

Weight (depending on the model):

Centennial: ~30 gr
International: ~21 gr

Nib size (feed diameter)

Centennial: 6.3mm
International: 6.1mm

Nib size (Length):

Centennial: 35mm
International: 32mm


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