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Flagship 1970's Reform 4000 Set (Pelikan 400NN) 14K Gold Flex Nib Fountain Ballpoint Pencil Pen Set In Box Item ID: REF-014

Rare NOS 1970's Reform 4000 (Pelikan 400 Counterpart) 14K Super Flexible Nib Fountain Ballpoint Pencil Pen Set In Box

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Reform 4000 Pen Set 

Manufacturer/Model:  Reform Germany 4000/619/690
Year of production: Early 1970's
Filling system: FP Piston filling; BP Slim Metal Refills; MP 2mm leads
Nib: Highest grade 14K 585 Solid gold, EF (extra fine) grade, Super Flexible nib, writes up to triple broad BBB
Material: Dark green and black highly processed plastic high shine & gloss, Gold plated metal parts (clips & rings)
Length (pen closed): FP 131mm; BP 132mm; MP 133mm

Condition and information:

Reform 4000, one of the all time best Reform pens, the flagship Reform pen, was the direct answer to Pelikan's 400NN model, aimed in the high class fountain pen market. The pen is strikingly similar design and shape as the Pelikan 400NN even size, both are 131mm, which brings to question that in that time these two companies were collaborating, most probably via the Merz & Krell company who manufactured parts and nibs for both Reform and Pelikan. This Reform pen is their take on a higher class pen, and its one of the most rare and best Reform pens. The nib is huge (bigger then Pelikan 400NN nib), extremely good writer, very smooth on the paper, EF to F size, but with a full flexibility. This sort of nib produces one of the best writing one could hope to achieve with a fountain pen, it can mimic any nib size because it changes thickness of the lines with a small pressure one applies while writing. The writing is unique that varies from very thin lines to very wide lines, it can express your emotions while writing. A perfect high gloss highest grade plastic body and cap, gold plated metal parts. The pen is highly ergonomic, perfect length and thickness, very good grip and feel in the hand, considerable heavy pen. Extremely well build, meant to last and endure hard work for years, yet with great appeal. Very beautiful clear see through ink windows. Piston is smooth with a silicone cork which always makes for a perfect fit within the body and will never leak.

The set also includes the model 619 ballpoint pen. This is identical to the model 620 ballpoint the difference is just the clip. This is one of the most recognizable Reform ballpoint pens for its ergonomic shape, perfection in simplicity, but with a great appeal. This is a true high-quality vintage ballpoint pen, unlike the new ballpoint pens. The pen is truly remarkable in every sense, everything that a ballpoint should be. It has a perfect grip due to the special grip section, it somehow feels right in the hand. Contributing to this feel is the pen's weight, considerably heavier then most ballpoints due to the solid steel mechanism on the top of the pen as well as the metal refill. Having the steel mechanism on the top of the pen, gives the pen a great balance. This pen features a very special and precise push-button mechanism. This Reform patented push button system features a small "pin-ball" guided mechanism, where a small steel ball is guiding the push knob. This makes for a very precise push button with a distinct "click" sound.

This set is completed with the high-quality mechanical pencil model 690. These pencils are still one of the best in the world, simply indestructible, meant to last, with a heavy solid brass mechanism which is precise and responsive. This is also a pencil size that is unique, 2mm leads very thick, which means the lead can be deployed up to 1cm in front of the tip, allowing one to write without breaking the lead, this provides for a good writing view and angle. The pencil has a build in leads sharpener in the turning knob, making extremely easy to always have a sharp leads.

The set is in absolute never used NOS new old stock condition. Comes in its original super high-quality steel base and leather coated presentation box.


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