Sheaffer Imperial Triumph Gold Plated Fountain Pen

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Rare Stunning Oversize 1970s Sheaffer Imperial Triumph PFM Gold Plated Fountain Pen 14K EF Gold Nib Item ID: SHE-006

Rare Stunning Oversize 1970s Sheaffer Imperial Triumph PFM Gold Plated Fountain Pen 14K EF Gold Nib

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Sheaffer Imperial Triumph

• Manufacturer/Model: Sheaffer USA/Imperial Triumph
• Year of production: Early 1970s
• Filling system: Sheaffer Touchdown Bladder System
• Nib: Large, Embedded 14K 585 Solid Gold, EF Extra Fine Size
• Material: Solid Steel, Gold Plated
• Length (pen closed): Oversize at 137mm, posted at 157. Very thick pen at 12mm in diameter
• Comes with 1 Year International Warranty from myUberPens
• Comes in UberPens Presentation/Gift Box/Case and Microfiber Cloth
• Condition and information:
The Imperial Triumph in gold overlay is probably one of the best designed Sheaffer pens. The pens features a stunning thick gold plate, near gold filled with guilloche lines stretching from top to bottom on both the cap and the barrel. Additionally, unlike the earlier models, this Imperial Triumph features a rectangular cap and turning knob ends, featured on the PFM pen. In a way this pen embodies nearly all features that made previous models popular with the customers. This is a typical masculine pen. The pen is large, 137mm and 157mm posted, but very thick at 1.2cm. Since its made out of steel, this makes for a very very heavy pen, feeling great in the hand, with superb balance and handling. Due to its weight virtually no pressure to the paper is needed, just by gliding the pen over the paper will produce a fine and consistent EF line. The pen uses the famous touchdown system, where the enclosed bladder creates a small repeating negative pressure simply by pulling the lever in and out, similar action to a bicycle tire pump. It is is very easy to fill and creates minimal mess. Gold plating adds to the weight and gives the pen a lovely sheen which is difficult to capture in photos. The nib is a large, 14K solid gold, with precise EF extra fine writing. This nib will produce a very fine EF line, perfect for small letters typeface, and writing in pocket notebooks or even drawing. Embedded nibs are unique to Sheaffer and the 14k gold nib on this pen is no different. The nib is embedded in the front section, and made such as the form factor following the body into the front section ends in a sharp nib. Even though entirely exposed, this makes the nib more sturdy and difficult to damage. Such Sheaffer’s nibs are thick and difficult to bend even if dropped on a hard floor. The pen is in mint condition with minimal signs of use, some micro scratches are visible, but no dings or serious scratches. Simply one of the best Sheaffer pens ever made.
About the Sheaffer’s Company: With the invention of the easy to use Snorkel filling system in 1949, Sheaffer became one of the pre-eminent pen manufacturers in the United States.. At the time, this situation was revolutionary as it required no wiping of the nib and created minimal mess. Sheaffer is known for their minimal mess pens, although not all used the Snorkel filling system as it was complicated.


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