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Sheaffer Crest 581 Marble Nova Flame Red Solid 18K Gold 750 Two Tone Triumph Nib Cartridge Fountain Pen Item ID: SHE-021

Sheaffer Crest 581 Marble Nova Flame Red Solid 18K Gold 750 Two Tone Triumph Nib Cartridge Fountain Pen

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Sheaffer Crest 581  

Manufacturer/ Model: Sheaffer Crest 581/ USA
Year of production: 1996-98 
Filling system: Cartridges or Ink converter. Several cartridges included 
Nib: 18K Gold, Size M Medium;
Material: Lacquer, Gold plated parts
Length (pen closed): 140mm; posted-extremely long at 165mm 
Condition and information: 

Listed here is the beautiful Sheaffer Crest 581 which was part of the Sheaffer’s Color Palette line. The modern Crest design was inspired by the 1950’s Sheaffer Snorkel “Crest” pens and was paying tribute to many of the past famous Sheaffer pens. The Sheaffer Pen company referred to all pens that had gold-filled caps and plastic barrels as “Crest”. The Color Palette Programme was introduced in 1995, and the whole line was composed of sixteen finishes and some of them were from the ranges of the Sheaffer Targa, Sheaffer Fashion, Sheaffer Imperial Triumph, and Sheaffer Crest. The new pens were designed in a new pattern which was called “Nova” but unlike the old models, these pens were made entirely out of metal and are step up from the pens this model pays homage to. The Crest pens represented the crown jewel of the collection.

This pen comes from a time when details made a difference, it is crafted in Flame Red “Nova” pattern which is created by more than twenty-three layers of lacquer and hand decoration. The pen has a 23 karat gold electroplated cap band that reads “Sheaffer”, U.S.A. and “Gold Electroplate”. The pen features an innerspring clip which is also 23K gold electroplated and it has the White Sheaffer Dot inlaid at the top. The spring loaded clip is designed in that way that when pulled instead of bending, the hinged part of the clip actually retracts into the cap. This allows for the pen to be easily hanged over a very thick coat fabric or even a thick notebook cover, without it actually bending or possibly damaging the clip.

The pen is fitted with an mesmerizing Triumph conical, medium-sized 18K nib which has the “Sheaffer” branding name, “18K” and “750” stamped on it. The nib is made out of two-tone gold, over ebonite feed. The pen has a flawless ink flow and contributes for the superior writing experience. These Triumph nibs are one of the best in the world, a cutting edge nib technology introduced by Sheaffer in the late 40s. These nibs have at least 2 times more gold (material) than a conventional nib. The cylindrical shape makes the nib much stronger against damage and makes sure the tines always stay together. The shape of the nib also allows for ink to flow or be temporarily stored around the entire circumference of the feed. This keeps the pen always wet and ready to use, where even if not used the excess ink will return into the reservoir, which is simply amazing. Sheaffer has always been on the forefront of pen innovation technology. The nib is super smooth and will produce a nice contestant wet line. The pen feels comfortable in the hand and glides over the paper effortlessly with its super smooth M medium nib. The pen is a great writer with a good balance and feel in the hand.

The pen uses a cartridge filling system and we will provide you with several Sheaffer cartridges that feature velvety flowing ink and longevity for writing without any worries. The pen can also be used with an ink converter.

The pen comes in mint condition, perfectly preserved ready to be used by its new owner.


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