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Stunning Rare 1950s Oversize Original 1951 MONTBLANC 344 Flexible 14K Gold F to 3B Nib Fountain Pen Item ID: MON-105

Stunning Rare Oversize Original 1951 MONTBLANC 344 Flexible 14K Gold F to 3B Nib Fountain Pen

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Manufacturer/Model: Montblanc Germany/344 (The first Original Model from early 1950s)
Year of production: 1951-1957
Filling system: Piston filling (Metal shaft and tread piston)
Nib: 14K gold F (fine) size, flexible, to write all sizes to BB (F, M, B, BB & 3B)
Material: Black highly processed plastic resin body & cap, gold filled cap ring and clip.
Length (pen closed): Oversize 136mm, posted 157mm 

Condition and information:
The pen offered here is the legendary 344 model, one of the biggest Montblanc pens of it's time, both by length and thickness, the pen is 13.5mm thick at the cap and 136mm in length, posted at 157mm. This is also the rarest pen of the 3XX line and one of the best build quality. This pen is a true masterpiece, very big, just slightly shorter then 146 Meisterstuck, but almost same thickness. This model is famous for its reliability, perfection in simplicity, both in design and functionality, and most importantly famous for its performance, there is nothing that can go wrong with it and its perfectly reliable. The pen has perfect form factor, superb balance, handling and feel, easy to use yet powerful and reliable writing instrument. This is one of the first post WWII Montblanc pens, and almost impossible to find in this shape. The pen features a very rare and beautiful light blue color ink window, perfectly clean and shiny pen. The piston is smooth and takes up an enormous amount of ink. The piston features an 8 edged star shape with brass inlay and brass spiral, which makes for one extremely tough piston which can never fail. Some later 344 and 342 models feature plastic piston, unlike this one, the earlier version with brass components. and the original silicone cork, one of the first Montblanc pens to feature a new generation at the time, silicone cork. The nib the real joy of this pen. With just the gentlest push it can write all bigger sizes up to 3B and back, thus the produced writing is simply amazing. The feed has two ink canals which allow for the heavy ink flow. The tines split apart as soon as the nib touches the paper. It is huge, almost 2.5cm long, 14K 585 solid gold, very smooth on the paper writing without scratching. The nib is fully flexible, with a nice curve and a proper "344", rated F but it will write up to triple broad 3B if pressed gently while writing. Only a vintage Montblanc pen can produce such beautiful writing. The nib is placed over a large ebonite feed with a nicely pronounced fins. Extremely rare Montblanc, extremely rare condition, featuring everything a true Montblanc legend should feature. The pen comes in great mint condition, not restored originally preserved Montblanc masterpiece. No scratches, no dings, no cracks, only minimal signs of use, perfectly preserved. iSmply one of the best Montblancs of the 50's, and one of the all time best.


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