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The Infamous 1956 PELIKAN 600 - 600N Tortoise Brown & 14K Solid Gold Fountain Pen in Box NOS Item ID: PEL-151

The Infamous 1956 PELIKAN 600 - 600N 14K Solid Gold Fountain Pen in Box NOS

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Note: This listing is for archival and informational purposes only, as this rare pen was in our possession before the launch of this website, and was sold on eBay in 2008. Below is the original description as it was written and posted at the time, including the original photos we have taken of this pen. The pen was sold for $2727 US.

Pelikan 600N

Country/Manufacturer/Model: Germany/Pelikan/600 (inscribed on the body)
Year of production: 1955-1957
Filling System: Piston Filling
Nib: 14C 585 gold, EF size
Material/Color: Plastic, Tortoise brown shell, solid 14C gold cap, hard rubber feeder
Length (closed/with cap on): 128mm
Other dimensions: cap length 60mm, barrel width at the center 12mm, whole body length without the nib 103mm, turning knob length 20mm
Condition/Info for this particular item:
I'm very proud to auction the this one of a kind "the infamous" Pelikan 600N. This is probably the first 600N that went on auction on the net. Before putting together this listing, I've consulted a lot of literature that I have on Pelikan pens. This is most definitely one of the rarest 400s models, hardly found in books and catalogues. Information for this particular model its very hard to find especially on the net. There are speculations that even the factory history cannot confirm it's production. There were 3 variations on the 600 model, 600, 600N and 600NN, over the years. The 600N was made only in tortoise brown shell barrel and brown turning knob, as you see it here. The other version is black body with black turning knob. I've seen few black 600N in catalogues and over the net, but so far I haven't found any tortoise brown neither in books or internet. The models 400 (and all its variations 500, 600, 700...) started production in 1951. After 4 years in 1955 it was slightly changed (little bit longer cap and body), the pen got the N suffix and these were produced for only 2 years period, 1955-1957. After that the line changed again and continued with the even more elongated version and the line got the NN suffix 1957-1965. Compared with the no suffix and NN suffix versions of all 400s (400, 500, 520, 600, 700) variations, 600N, is by far the rarest model, and it was made for a very short time. I can say with certainty, that only couple hundred of these 600N pens were ever made, if not even less. There is not much to be said about the condition, it is New Old Stock, never used, absolutely without any wear, in its original leather presentation box, and the carton box with model sticker and serial number. I haven't filled the pen with ink, just with water to test it, in order to keep it NOS. Piston works\fills smooth as expected, no leaks. The cap is marked "PELIKAN GUNTHER WAGNER GERMANY 14C-585". The 14C-585 imprint is also located at the clip ring at the top of the cap, as well on top of the clip. The whole cap and clip are solid 14C gold, not rolled gold or gold filled. The barrel has the imprint just under the turning know "PELIKAN 600 GUNTHER WAGNER GERMANY". For the history of this pen, the pen belonged to an elderly writers couple, and they were the only owners. The pen will be shipped by UPS, DHL or FedEx, depending what you prefer, insured, no regular post for this one. Enjoy the auction and happy bidding, feel free to contact me for any questions.


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