UberPens is now ProtoPens

We are now ProtoPens, welcome!

Proto i.e. the first, the origin, the seed pens are what defined these companies and made them what they are today. These vintage pens are still the best pens ever made, even by today's standards. The fountain pen craft by the old manufacturers is somewhat lost, but this is why there are people like us and like you out there, to give pens new life, new appreciation... These writing instruments defy the modern age, they resist to go away, and the more the digital age imposes changes on us, the more we defy, we rebel, we resist. Pens and paper are one of those things that are here to stay for eternity, essential and natural as the spoon and the plate... we love to be part of that Proto culture!

Your Account and Order history

All of your order history and your account with myUberPens.com (if you have an account with us) is now active on ProtoPens.com. You can login with your current username and password. All refunds, returns and everything else will be handled as usual, there will be no gap or interruptions in our work. You can contact us via the old email addresses, or via:

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www.myUberPens.com will start redirecting to www.ProtoPens.com on January 1st 2020!