Vintage Mint 1955 Pelikan 120 Type I Black & Green M Medium Gold Plated Nib Piston Fountain Pen
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Vintage Mint 1955 Pelikan 120 Type I Black & Green EF Extra Fine Steel Nib Piston Fountain Pen Item ID: PEL-129

Vintage Mint 1955 Pelikan 120 Type I Black & Green EF Extra Fine Steel Nib Piston Fountain Pen

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1955 Pelikan 120 Type I
Manufacturer/Model: Pelikan 120 type I
Year of production: 1955-57
Filling system: Piston Filler
Nib: EF extra fine size nib; steel nib for all types of writing
Material: Green-Black Plastic Resin, Gold Plated Trimmings (clip & cap ring) 
Length (pen closed): 124mm

Condition and information:
This is the legendary original Pelikan 120 First Series (Type I), launched in 1955. This pen features the best from all Pelikan pens but at a lower cost. This pen is the preferred choice of many fountain pen professionals, from calligraphers, to writers and artist. It is simple yet powerful fountain pen. The 120 model is identical in shape and size to the Pelikan 140, only that the 120 features a steel nib and has a different body color. The feed, the feed ring, the cap, the clip, and piston assembly are virtually identical to the 140. The 120's piston is also identical to the 400 series. Thus, a much more affordable pen but offering great performance; this is no doubt one of the best value vintage Pelikan pens. It is not by coincidence the Pelikan relaunched this series in 2016 as a Pelikan M120, honoring this pen and its popularity. The Pelikan 120 is the cornerstone of Pelikan pen manufacturing and probably one of the most sold Pelikan pens all time.

This pen is fitted with a EF extra fine size nib, steel with gold plating, which is semi flexible and will write larger size up to B broad if pressed while writing. The nib is steel gold plated, with very nice rounded tip, very smooth and feels soft on the paper. It is fitted on the original ebonite feed with perfect ink flow. The piston takes a lot of ink, it is smooth with silicone cork, perfect fit and leak proof. Logo located on cap-top and side of the cap, and original "120" engraving under the clip. The Pelikan 120 pen is a reliable and powerful pen. The pen is in mint condition with minimal signs of use.
Most importantly we have fitted the pen with a original ebonite feed ring (collar), unlike later models which are fitted with a plexiglas like collar. This is the small cylinder part with a treading that holds the nib on to the feed and screws it on to the body. Some Pelikan 120's type 1 (and some later 140's and 400's), have an extremely cracky Plexiglas plastic feed rings. Almost all of those are cracked, and the pens leak ink around the feed rendering them useless. This original ebonite ring on this pen is extremely strong and never crack, thus greatly improve the pen and make it perfectly reliable.
The pen is in absolute mint condition ready to be filled and used.

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