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1950s-60s Pelikan 400NN (400) Flexible F to BB 14K Nib Tortoise Brown Striped Gunther Wagner Fountain Pen Item ID: PEL-073

1950s-60s Pelikan 400NN (400) Flexible F to BB 14K Nib Tortoise Brown Striped Gunther Wagner Fountain Pen

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Pelikan 400NN

Manufacturer/Model: Pelikan 400NN/Germany
Year of production: Between 1957-1962
Filling system: Piston filling
Nib: 14K 585 solid gold, F "Fine" fully flexible nib, writes F, M and BB double broad
Material: Celluloid tortoise brown striped; Gold filled metal parts (clip, clip-top & cap ring)
Length (pen closed): 131mm; Posted 148mm

Condition and information:
The legendary Pelikan, model 400NN is one of the most beautiful vintage Pelikan pens, in translucent Tortoise Brown striped body. This is the third series of the 400 line launched in 1953. The first line is the 400 model with nearly flat cap-top and turning knob. The second is 400N which has slightly more pronounced cap-top and turning knob curvature. This last model the 400NN features more elongated cap-top and turning knob with much more distinct curvature to represent the modern times of the late 50's and early 60's. The "N" nomenclature on each pen model stand for "Neu" meaning "New", therefore in this model NN stands for "Pelikan 400 New New".

The pen offered here is superb mint condition, minimal signs of use, perfectly preserved, no scratches or cracks. The pen has crisp stripes and colors, the body is nearly transparent, almost demonstrator type of body, where the user can see the piston action and the silicone cork clearly. The piston is very smooth, operates as new and takes considerable amount of ink. The silicon piston cork provides great flexible fit to the pen's inner walls and never leaks. Original ebonite (hard vulcanized rubber) elongated feeder provides for a very good ink flow. Most importantly the pen has the original early production ebonite hard rubber feed-ring. Many later production 400NN have a Plexiglas feed-rings which are almost always cracked and will leak ink around the feed making the pen useless. This feed ring cannot crack as it's flexible. Crisp imprints on the cap's ring. All trimmings are gold filled, thus unlike gold plating, gold filled parts do not ware off.

The nib is one of the best on a Pelikan 400NN we've used. It is a smooth, F fine size, non-scratchy, perfectly smooth writing nib, however with full flexibility. Writing with this nib is extremely smooth and due to flexibility it can produce amazing writing as anyone hopes to achieve with a flexible nib. The pen will write any thickness line up to BB, double broad, with little pressure while writing. Gentle or no pressure will produce near EF/F and more fast and writing with little pressure will produce lines up to double broad. Anything written with this pen will look amazing. The nib has two breading holes for better ink flow and it is elongated large size nib; this was the largest nib Pelikan produced at the time. This was the Pelikan flagship pen for many years, all luxurious and limited edition models were based on this model. A truly remarkable Pelikan masterpiece, proven pen in every respect, highest quality build, a pen that performs like a true vintage Pelikan and one that looks stunning, easy to clean and maintain and probably the perfect and most reliable Pelikan pen ever made. As all of our pens, this pen too is covered by our Full 1 Year International Warranty.


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