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Mint Large 1960s Black Resin MONTBLANC No.24 14K 585 Gold Flexible F Fine Nib Piston Fountain Pen Item ID: MON-029

Large 1960s Black Resin MONTBLANC No.24 14K 585 Gold Flexible F Nib Piston Fountain Pen

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Manufacturer/Model: Montblanc No.24/ Germany
Year of production: Mid to late 1960s 
Filling system: Piston Filling  
Nib: Solid 14K 585 gold; F Fine, smooth, precise and flexible nib 
Material: Body & Cap Thick Black Resin, All metal parts thick gold plated 
Length (pen closed): Oversize pen (the biggest of the XX series) 137mm, Posted at 154mm

Condition and information:
This pen is the big brother of the famous model No.22, the 24 model. The 24 model is the largest pen of all two digits Montblanc pens of the 60s. These include the model numbers 12, 14, 22, 24, 32, 34 and their rolled and solid gold versions 72, 74, 82, 84, 92 and 94 which were launched at the end of the 50s to replace the older 3xx and 2xx series. These pens were completely new approach by Montblanc, both technologically with new materials  and complete mechanical redesign, but also a new bold modern space-era inspired design. This pen represents the start of the era that defined the modern pen form factors. Its a very complex build, one of the most complex Montblanc pens ever made, consisting of more then 20 separate parts. This pen is second to none in craftsmanship, reliability, design, everything a pen should represent. Some of these models even bore the "Masterpiece" insignia such as the number 12 and 14 which are based entirely on this pen. The considerable size provides for a great feel in the hand with superb balance, regardless if the pen is posted or not. The nib is a true Montblanc masterpiece, F super sharp nib perfect for precise writing, perfect for small letters where precision is needed, producing very clean lines, not too wet, but also very smooth nib, non-scratchy gliding on the paper. The best and unique part about this nib is its flexibility. Even small flex was unusual on these pens with semi-hooded nibs. However this one has it. It has a decent flex, it feels soft but only on demand by the user. Pressed gently while writing it will produce all bigger sizes up to BB. This makes the writing feel gentle and soft, not stiff as writing with metal nib. The pen is super shiny, crisp (difficult to capture in photos), made out of precious black resin, the signature Montblanc material, which is a special plastic making process which gives high shine, gloss, but also a scratch protection and durability. The pen features a slip on/off cap for faster deployment. The cap is perfect fit, very precise "click" sound when opening or closing the pen, typical Montblanc/German precision. All metal parts are thick gold plate, so gold wear-off is very unlikely. The cap features a two rings anti-crack system, found only on high-end Montblanc pens. Beautiful see through crisp blue ink window. Original ebonite feed with great steady and constant ink flow, no skipping. The piston is super smooth, takes up a great amount of ink which will last for quite a while. Montblanc star is located on the top of the cap and tuning knob. Another amazing feature is the ease with which the pen can be disassembled. The entire front section is easily unscrewable. This will allow easy access to the piston shaft and the entire nib assembly, thus very easy to clean and maintain, rarely found on such superbly engineered piston fountain pens. The pen is in NOS - new old stock - never used condition, as best as they come - not restored, new new. Comes with its "F" nib size sticker still on the body (not shown in the photos), simply a time capsule Masterpiece Montblanc pen almost impossible to find in such pristine condition.

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