2000 Montblanc Boheme/Bohème NOIR Black Resin & Onyx Gemstone Platinum 14K White Gold Safety Fountain & Ballpoint Pen

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2000 Montblanc Boheme/Bohème NOIR Black Resin & Onyx Gemstone Platinum Plated 14K White Gold Semi Flex Nib Safety Fountain & Ballpoint Pen Item ID: MON-098

2000 Montblanc Boheme/Bohème NOIR Black Resin & Onyx Gemstone Platinum Plated 14K White Gold Semi Flex Nib Safety Fountain & Ballpoint Pen

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MONTBLANC Bohème Noir Set

Manufacturer/Model: Montblanc Boheme Noir/Germany
Year of production: Early 2000s (2000-2001)
Filling system: FP - Cartridges Only - Several Included; BP - Montblanc Ball Pen Refill - Original Still Writing - Included
Nib: Solid 14K 585 White Gold - Rhodium Plated, M - Medium; Semi-flexible, Will write up to BB
Material: Thick Precious Black Resin - Platinum Plated Metal Parts. Solid Brass & Steel Mechanisms, Inserts and Shafts; Synthetic Onyx Gemstone - Paramount Cut
Length (pen closed): FP: 110mm, Opened & Posted 135mm; BP: 110mm

Condition and information:
Offered here is the original Montblanc Boheme Noir Fountain & Ballpoint Pen Set made in year 2000 to 2001 - not to be confused the the model Noir Et Noir made in 1999. The Montblanc Boheme pen must be one of the best and most intricately engineered pens on the planet. It was such a radical design, such an extraordinary engineering challenge, that if someone were to make a modern "Safety Pen" it had to be Montblanc. The pen simply amazes, and it amazes and impresses us every time we handle one even after nearly two decades after its launch. The Boheme pen pays homage to the original Safety pens, which were intended to be filled with and eye dropper, filled from the tip when the nib was retracted. These were some of the most complicated pens with their intricate spiral mechanism and prone to damage due to users closing the caps while the nib was still on/extended, and this is why they never caught up, and were soon replaced by the piston, bladder and other filling systems in the 1930s. Nonetheless, the joy, the mechanical wonder and pleasure of turning the knob and seeing a nib extend outwards, never ceased to amaze people, and the safety pen had always retained its charm that no other pen had, it was both elegant and technical at the same time. Fortunately we have Montblanc to thank for resurrecting it and executing it in such an flawless and unique way. The Boheme pen is basically a modern safety pen which brings the joys from the past with the technology of the present.

Unlike old safery pens, which had open chamber from the front, and the ink would simply pour out if the pen was not closed, or even if the pen was opened pointed downwards, the Boheme pen has a completely enclosed chamber where the nib unit even though can retract and extrude outwards, it does that together with the cartridge inside, and it's fully content as a unit, thus never leaks and its always ready to use. It is hard to believe, but even to this day people still have trouble figuring out how these pens work, (and rightfully so), and damaged many Boheme fountain pens nibs while trying to close the caps on with the nib still extended. Even though there is a safety pin inside the cap that does not allow the cap to be closed when the nib is on, some folks would force them and still managed to damage the feed and/or nib. We believe this was one of the reasons Montblanc discontinued the Boheme line, as there was so many damaged pens, even though these pens are some of the best quality ever made on this planet. These Boheme fountain pens have a very nice, elegant and simple on/off sequence that the users need to follow and enjoy the amazing pleasure this modern safety pen provides:
1. Unscrew the cap
2. Place the cap on the back of the pen as in posting it
3. Start turing the cap clockwise and watch the nib come out
4. Rotate the cap clockwise until the nib clicks into position
5. (Enjoy writing)
6. Unscrew the posted cap counterclockwise until the nib is retracted
7. Continue to unscrew until the cap unscrews from the turning knob and comes off
8. Screw the cap back on the front of the pen

It may look lengthy when described with words, but that is actually how much engineering goes in this pen, which in reality it takes only 4-5 seconds to do all of those 7 steps and awe you and people around you about how this pen works. So one should wonder, how did people manage to damage so many of these pens. It is actually quite simple and easily avoidable - never give the pen to anyone who does not know how to operate it even for a second and always post the cap.
Scenario 1: You open the pen and hand it out to someone even for a signature - you keep the cap in your hand or on the desk - the person after he/she is done writing instinctively grabs cap and tries to screw it on with the nib extended - very likely they will try to force it and damage the feed and possibly the nib
Scenario 2: You know how to use the pen, you've unscrew the cap, set it aside and used the turning knob to extend the nib - someone else grabs both the cap and the pen and tries to close them with the nib extended. Damage to the feed and or nib is likely if they try to force them.

Point being and the trick is to always use the cap in the posting position and use the cap to extend the nib, never separate the cap from the body and don't handout the pen to anyone even for a second.

The cap features a safety pin inside it, which is positioned in the center of the cap. If the nib is extended and one tries to place the cap on, the pin will hit/rest on the feed which has a slot built into it, and prevent the cap hitting on the nib. However since people cannot see this action, usually a bit embarrassed that they don't know how to close the pen, they will try to force it, and usually damage the feed or/and nib. Ironically this pin that was invented nearly 100 years ago and still used on the Boheme to prevent the nib/feed damage, is the culprit that usually does the damage in inexperienced hands.

Filling the pen with the cartridge is a joy in itself too. It is the only time the cap can not be posted. It is also possible to replace the cartridge with the pen closed, but its more joyful to do it in this sequence:
1. Extend the nib by turning the knob
2. Push the turning knob to the side
3. Place a cartridge inside - let it slide down in the barrel
4. Turn the knob counterclockwise in order to retract the nib - This action will retract the entire system inside and pop in the cartridge automatically and lock it in place
5. The pen is ready to be used
6. To remove the old cartridge just retract the nib, open the hatch/turning knob and continue to rotate, the cartridge will extrude outside.

The set offered here was launched only a year after the original model Noir Et Noir, and it simply mesmerized with its looks, function and elegance. These Noir pens feature a black Onyx synthetic gemstone/jewel, hence the model name Noir. The fountain pen features a nice and rarely seen semi flexible M medium nib, rarely found on modern Montblancs, and its a joy to write with, it will flex with ease to write lines up to double broad. It is white gold rhodium plated which is even more corrosion resistant than gold. The pens quality is unmatched, made out of thick Black Precious Resin that always shines with its mirror like finish, and thick platinum plated trimmings, rings and parts which shine with the same patina, and are placed on number of places to reinforce the pens. Both pens have solid metal inserts, shafts and mechanisms that contribute to the build quality but also the weight, and make them feel solid and very heavy. One can feel the build quality simply by holding these pens. Even though shorter the pens feel normal in the hand, perfectly balanced and steady, especially the fountain pen when posted. The ballpoint pen also features a twist turning knob on/off mechanism very smooth and responsive. It is fitted with its original Montblanc refill, still unusable, but it can be used with other Montblanc refills such as rollerball. The set comes in mint condition, used only several times its in near NOS condition, no scratches, cracks or any cosmetic or functional issues whatsoever. They don't come in their original box, but we will include an original Montblanc gift box and instructions. Since these pens are not manufactured any longer and its seems as they won't be anytime soon, they appreciate in value each day, so many collectors see them as an investment, and yet many cannot resist the joy of using these rare modern safety fountain pen. All in all an amazing, unique and unmatched writing instruments that embody everything Montblanc stands for.


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