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Montegrappa Oriental Zodiac Dragon Limited Edition 18K OB Oblique Broad Nib Marble Red & Silver Fountain Pen in Box Item ID: GRA-004

Montegrappa Oriental Zodiac Dragon Limited Edition 18K OB Oblique Broad Nib Marble Red & Silver Fountain Pen in Box

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Montegrappa Oriental Zodiac Dragon Fountain Pen

Manufacturer/ Model: Montegrappa Italy/ Oriental Zodiac Dragon
Year of production: 1998
Filling system: Piston filling system
Nib: Solid 18K Gold platinum plated; Fully flexible OB Oblique Broad
Material: Sterling silver; Red resin
Length (pen closed): 130mm; Posted oversize at 163mm; Weighs: 50gr/ 0,11lb
Condition & Information:

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Listed here is a gorgeous limited edition pen that represents the ideal combination of special shiny red resin perfectly matched with massive sterling silver details. This pen will flourish your fantasy and will take you on a journey through Chinese cultural history revealing the secrets of their astrology.
The moment of opening the box and seeing this masterpiece placed inside is truly special and breathtaking, which shouldn't come as a surprise coming from a pen producer with a rich history in creating one of the most beautiful writing instruments such as the Montegrappa company.

This beautiful pen is part of the special collection that takes its motifs from the rich Chinese culture and has found inspiration in their astrology in creating this Oriental Zodiac Collection. The collection consists of pens represented by one of the 12 animals of the oriental zodiac which is one of the oldest ones in the world. The symbolism in the number of the 12 animals are the 12 lunar months of the Chinese year and each lunar year is ruled by one animal alone.
This unique pen in particular is presented by the Chinese Lung or more familiarly known to the westerns as the Dragon which is the symbol of good luck and augury (which means an omen or what will happen in the future). The Dragon is very realistically portrayed along the entire length of the barrel of the pen crafted in hand-embellished overlays. The three-dimensional look of the Dragon together with all the beautiful details perfected to excellence creates a beautiful unique pen worth admiring for.

The pen is crafted in the highest quality special celluloid-like resin in marble red color and sterling silver details and parts.
The pen features a 952 sterling silver engraving located right above the blind cap next to the hallmark engraving. On the 1055 VI hallmark, the initials show the location in which the pen was made, in this case, VI stands for Vincenza and the 1055 number indicates that the pen was made in the period which is part of the rich Montegrappa history when the company was under the ownership of the older Aquila family. Initially, the Montegrappa company was owned by the Aquila family which sold it to the Richemont Group in 2000. Later on, in 2005, the Aquila family returned the ownership of the company in their hands.

Every part of this pen is special in its own way and every inch of it is always shining in a new unique way every time you hold it in your hand. The signature Montegrappa clip is designed in a unique Tyle design decorated with a Carnelian stone in a circular form, which perfectly completes the whole theme of the pen.
The nicely engraved cap ring features inscriptions with the Montegrappa branding name, and with the individual number of the pen, which shows the length the company would go into details in order to create the perfect pen. The ring on the grip section features nice crisp engravings that read "Montegrappa'' and "1998".

At the beginning of the production process, the Montegrappa company focused on manufacturing and perfecting the piston filling pens and the gold nibs with ebonite feeders. The pen is fitted with a solid two-tone platinum-plated 18K gold, OB Oblique Broad size, nib over a handmade ebonite feeder. Only users that used flexible OB know what such a nib is capable of producing, basically anything, any writing style, and any type of line. With this kind of nib, writing will be changed based on the angle at which the pen is held, as well as the rotation of the pen in the hand, simply amazing! The nib features nicely engraved inscriptions that read “Montegrappa Italy”, “OB” and “750”. The two-toned nib is adorned with a Greek Key pattern and the whole look is finished with a beautiful heart-shaped breathing hole.
The pen uses a smooth piston filling system which is made from a sturdy brass construction. The piston takes a considerable amount of ink for pleasurable long writing sessions without surprises.

Due to the well-built quality and ergonomic design, the pen fits perfectly in the hand with a substantial weight, great feel, and balance whether posted or not. The pen will provide you with the writing experience of a lifetime, perfectly smooth on the paper with a constant ink flow, that cannot be described but only felt. A truly unique and gorgeous pen perfected both in design and performance made to last for generations, a perfect collectible item for true pen lovers.
The pen comes in its original lacquered presentation luxury box together with a booklet with descriptions about the pen translated in several languages and a lifetime guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.

The pen is in absolute NOS, new old stock condition, never used.

Enjoy the writing...


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