Pelikan M30 30 Rolled Gold Dark Blue Cartridge Fountain Pen

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Rare 1960s Pelikan M30 30 Rolled Gold & Dark Blue 14K EF Nib Semi Flex Cartridge Fountain Pen Item ID: PEL-072

Rare 1960s Pelikan M30 30 Rolled Gold & Dark Blue 14K EF Nib Semi Flex Cartridge Fountain Pen

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Pelikan 30 Dark Blue Rolled Gold

Manufacturer/Model: Pelikan 30 (M30) Rolled Gold Dark Blue Cartridge Model/Germany
Year of production: Mid 1960's
Filling system: Standard international cartridges, or standard piston converter
Nib: 14K solid gold, "EF" extra fine size nib semi-flexible, writes up to BB
Material: Highly processed high shine dark blue resin; Rolled gold cap
Length (pen closed): 133mm

Condition and information:
One of the most rare and most beautiful Pelikan M30 Rolled Gold pens, in a dark blue, navy blue version. This is a very rare offshoot of the standard black M30 rolled gold. There was even a dark blue piston filling pen, but this pen is a true rarity, a cartridge filling! This pen was made in very limited numbers, and very few of these are available on the market or ever come out for sale. This was the flagship pen of the Pelikan's MK line, the 30 Rolled Gold model, also known as the M30. Unlike gold plate, this rolled gold will never ware off as its much thicker. When this pen was launched in the early 60's, it was a radical change in design, where the old rounded form factor pens were replaced with the new, modern pens such as this one. Even today, nearly 50 years later, this pen looks stunning and modern, matching and even surpassing many of the newly made pens. Probably the best part about this vintage Pelikan pen is that it uses cartridges, so no mess, easy to fill, clean to write and super easy to maintain, just by unscrewing the front section and washing with tap water. These pens were very successful because they were reliable and easy to use. This pen was also one of the first Pelikan pen to feature airtight slip-on cap. This ensured a fast deployment of the pen where no tread was needed, but also a leak proof pen. The nib is solid 14K 585 gold, EF size very smooth on the paper and has semi flexibility, so it will write M, B and BB if pressed while writing. Thus it will produce any desired thickness line. Truly remarkable Pelikan classic, still with amazing appeal and design, and still a perfect everyday fountain pen.

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