Ultra Rare 1950s MONTBLANC Masterpiece Celluloid 142 Long Ink Window OBB Flexible Nib Telescopic Piston Fountain Pen

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Stunning 1950s MONTBLANC Masterpiece Celluloid 142G Long Ink Window OBB Flexible Nib Telescopic Piston Fountain Pen Item ID: MON-065

Stunning 1950s MONTBLANC Masterpiece Celluloid 142G Long Ink Window OBB Flexible Nib Telescopic Piston Fountain Pen

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MONTBLANC Masterpiece 142G 

Manufacturer/Model: Montblanc Meisterstuck ("Montblanc Masterpiece" is the inscription on the ring) 142G /Germany
Year of production: Early 50s (1949-1951)
Filling system: Three stage Telescopic Piston (2 new O rubber Ring Seals/Cork installed)
Nib: 14K 585 Two Tone Gold; Oblique Double Broad OBB Flexible; Writes lines up to 3mm thick 
Material: High Shine Black Celluloid, Gold Filled Trimmings. Telescopic piston made out of steel and brass. Ivory color cap Star 
Length (pen closed): 125.5mm; posted at 147

Condition and information:

A truly stunning original 1950/51 first series Montblanc 142 (Meisterstuck) Masterpiece pen. This is probably the most recognizable pen in the world and this is the pen that raised the bar - by far - when it was introduced, and it helped make Montblanc what it is today. The pen bares the inscription "Masterpiece" on the ring, which means it was made for export, as pens for the german market had "Meisterstuck" inscription on them. This pen is the first line of 142s, distinguishable by the long ink windows. Only some of the first line 14X had this feature, later lines had a short ink window. If there is pen with a perfect balance, perfect form factor, perfect feel and writing experience, perfect appeal and quality, this would be it. There is nothing like these Celluloid 1950s Montblanc pens. The build quality is amazing with stunning depth of colors, amber like ink window, immense attention to detail but also design as "form follows function". All of these pens were all made by hand by master craftsman. Some parts such as the piston and clip are cast brass, heavy and almost impossible to damage. Unlike new clips which are made from thin pressed metal plates, these clips were cast metal, and the difference is both visible and palpable. It's hard to believe that such pens were made nearly 70 years ago. The walls of both the body and cap are very thick, very heavy, with a beautiful translucent long ink windows. This together with the most overly engineered piston system, makes the pen very heavy, feeling solid in the hand. Solid brass and steel 3 stage folding telescopic piston gives the pen unusual weight and sturdiness. This piston system retracts like a vintage spyglasses inside the pen, thus making more space for the ink in the barrel. Even though a compact pen, it can take more ink them much larger pens due to the telescopic piston. This system is so complex and expensive to manufacture, that later Montblanc pens, even the 149 don't have it. Unlike the newer models made out of black resin, the celluloid will hardly ever crack, dent or scratch, it is much more shock absorbent material. This is why some of these pens still look and perform as they did 50-60 years ago. We've fitted the pen with two new "O" rubber rings, which replaces the old cork. Unlike the wood cork which squeaks and wears out over time, the rubber O ring does not ware out and will last for another 50 years. The O ring piston ensures smooth operation and its completely leak proof. The ebonite feed is a "ski-slope" shape which allows for a great viewing space and a low writing angle. The pen has a very good ink-flow due to the two large feed canals need to supply this wet nib, a nib with even good flexibility. The nib is a masterpiece, double oblique broad OBB size that simply immerses itself on the paper. The pen will write lines more than 2-3mm wide on the down strokes. Depending on the way it's held, fast side strokes can be thin, and using the flex can add to the variation. Basically there is no line this pen cannot produce; some of the best writing one could hope to achieve with a fountain pen. There are crisp markings on the nib "142" and "142 G" and "OBB" crisp imprints on the turning knob. The trimmings and the clip unlike the newer models are thick gold filled, so no gold wear off will occur. 3 gold bands on the cap help prevent cracks. The yellowish ivory like star is amazing with a distinct vintage appeal to it. The pen is in absolute mint condition, minimal to no signs of use, not restored, with all of its original parts, no discoloration or personal insignia, rarely found in such condition, originally preserved. A true Montblanc Masterpiece legend, the probably the perfect fountain pen.


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