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Super Rare 1970s Senator Concorde 403 Brilliant Chrome Fountain, Pencil & Ballpoint Pen Set in Box with Reform EF Nib Item ID: SEN-019

Super Rare 1970s Senator Concorde 403 Brilliant Chrome Fountain, Pencil & Ballpoint Pen Set in Box

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Manufacturer/Model: Senator West Germany/ 403 Set
Year of production: Late 1970s
Filling system: FP - Cartridges or piston converter (Special Original Piston Converter Included); BP - Standard or giant refills (New Schneider Refill Included); Pencil - Standard 0.5mm Leads, 2 leads included
Nib: Steel, gold plated, EF grade. Iridium tip nib for highest endurance
Material: Highest grade steel, Super Polished Chromed Finish; Gold plated trimmings
Length (pen closed):  Fountain pen: Oversize pen at 137mm closed, 157mm posted; Ballpoint: 
134mm; Pencil: 139mm 
Condition and information:

You can see video of these pens in action here:

Extremely rare and superbly build Senator pen set, which bares many special nuances for the era in which was made and by the company that made it. Conceived in the mid-70s and launched later that decade, these pens were meant to celebrate the greatest European nation collaboration at the time, building the supersonic passenger jet the Concord (or the Concorde as the French would call it). It seems there was a race between all European manufacturers to make a pen that would bear the Concord jet name. There were Waterman's, Parkers, Pelikans, Reforms and almost everyone else. This pen was made in West Germany, few years before the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification, and what's more, it bears a Reform nib and this is not a replacement nib it is the original one. We have seen such Reform nibs installed originally on many Senator fountain pens, and sometimes even vice-versa. Something like this is almost unimaginable these days, where two brands won't mind sharing a single product but it was common in those days. If you look closely, you will also notice that the godron lines (the decorative patterns on the bodies) are not the same on the fountain pen and the ballpoint pen and pencil, rather they are similar but quite different, however, this is also not a mistake as the set is pictured exactly like that on the box itself! This speaks of the rush in which everyone wanted to have a Concord(e) pen in their lineup so they didn't bother or didn't have the time to develop a new one from the ground up, or they simply didn't care as long as they made really great writing instruments, as the case with these pens. The pens are made out of high-grade steel and are nearly mirror brilliant polished chrome finished, with gold plated trimmings.
These are extremely reliable Senator pens, super easy to clean, maintain and use, where the gospel of the design was "form follows function and function dictates all quality requirements", these are nearly indestructible pens!
The fountain pen is very convenient to use, it can use standard or double size ink cartridges, or any standard piston converter, however, it also comes with its original one. The pens are very heavy and well balanced, providing for a great writing experience and feel in the hand, they feel solid and strong.
The fountain pen features a gold plated Extra fine nib with an Iridium tip. Iridium is one of the strongest materials, so the tip won't wear off even after decades of use.
The nib writes with a thin precise constant EF line, perfect for precise work or small letters notebook writing where precision and mess/ink free is needed. However it does not feel stiff as some steel nibs; even though the tines do not come apart, they are still flexing, so it feels nice and soft.
There's the ballpoint pen which is a nice smooth and precise twist upper body on/off mechanism and comes with a new refill, and the 0.5mm repeater mechanical pencil with smooth and precise click action.
The pens are in absolute mint never used condition, a time capsule of another era when writing mattered as much as the Concord once did.

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