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Vintage Rotring ArtPen Fountain Calligraphy Pen Set In Box w/ 12 Cartridges, Converter, Arkansas Stone & Buffing Leather (S0227700) Item ID: ROT-013

Vintage Rotring ArtPen Fountain Calligraphy Pen Set In Box w/ 12 Cartridges, Converter, Arkansas Stone & Buffing Leather (S0227700)

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Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Set

Manufacturer/Model: Rotring/ Calligraphy ArtPen (Model S0227700)/ Made in UK
Year of production: Launched in 1984, still in production today. Set here made in late 1990s to early 2000s
Filling system: Cartridge filling system, Converter; possibly can be used as an eyedropper (Twelve cartridges & converter included)
Nib: Stainless Steel, 1.1 mm, 1,5 mm, 1,9 mm
Material: High-grade plastic
Length (pen closed): 175mm 

Condition and information:

“ArtPen set: Premium calligraphy set. The ArtPen has a precise nib crafted from the finest stainless steel. Ergonomic body combining the balance and nib shape of the quill pen with the convenience of a modern fountain pen.”

Indeed, the set represents the perfect admixture of practical design and performance. The pens have a tapered form and are finished with white round shape at the top, a form similar to a paintbrush. The black and white combination together with the recognizable Red Ring emblem of the Rotring company gives the pens a stylish look. The barrels of the pens read “Rotring” and “ArtPen”.

The pens feature a black slip-on cap which is super easy to open and close quickly. The metal clip has the Rotring engraving, and also Made in UK imprint. This means that even though most of the Rotring pens are made in Germany, obviously some are made in the UK. These are probably one of the first Rotring pens made outside Germany right prior or after the acquisition of the Rotring brand by Newell Rubbermaid in 1998, the company that owns Rotring, Waterman, Parker, PaperMate, and many other brands from the writing industry. The reason why we are assuming this is because the box is marked “Made in Germany'', and the Newell brand is not on it as it usually is with the later models. However, the set of cartridges inside it, bear the Newell Rubbermaid branding.

The pens feature a nicely made nibs crafted in stainless steel. There are three sizes of nibs that the user can choose from: 1.1 mm, 1,5 mm, and 1,9 mm. The size of the nib and the name branding of the Rotring company are finely engraved on the nib. In order to make it very easy to reach out for the correct nib size, the nib size is imprinted on the top of each cap. However, this means that the pens will need to be placed in a cap-up position in your pen holding tray, which is actually how the pens should be stored anyway, as all fountain pens.

One of the many uses of these pens is for watercolor landscape artwork. These pens are simply superb for ink drawings.

The pens use a cartridge filling system and twelve cartridges are included in the original packaging, plus we will provide you with one piston converter. The pens probably can be used as an eyedropper as well, which will make the ink capacity significantly larger.

These calligraphy pens lay down a good wet line and produce good texture. With a down-stroke, the pens will produce a thick line and with an sidestroke, the pens will produce a very thin line. The ergonomically shaped body of the pens provides for a comfortable and easy grip.

The pens are very easy to clean and maintain since the barrel can easily be unscrewed, the cartridge can be taken out and also the whole nib section can be pulled out and simply cleaned with water.

The set comes with Arkansas stone and buffing leather. The Arkansas stone can be used to hone the nib and grind it to the left or to the right side according to the individual needs of the user to give it a more comfortable pen angle. We would strongly recommend you to wait to become more familiar with your ArtPen so you can exactly know what, and how much of it you would like change.

The set is new old stock never used before and it is in perfect condition. It comes in its original Rotring metal case. The set also comes with a certificate and instructions from the manufacturer.


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