KAWECO V101 EF Black Resin & Rolled Gold 14K Nib Fountain Pen

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Amazing 1960s KAWECO V101 EF Flagship Masterpiece Black Resin & Rolled Gold 14K Soft Flex Extra Fine Nib Fountain Pen Item ID: KAW-038

Amazing 1960s KAWECO V101 EF Flagship Masterpiece Black Resin & Rolled Gold 14K Soft Nib Fountain Pen

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Manufacturer/Model: Kaweco V101/Germany
Year of production: Mid to late 1960s
Filling system: Piston filling
Nib: Semi hooded EF Extra Fine 14K 585 gold, Soft Flex Nib - Will write larger sizes with gentle press - Line variation up to B Broad
Material: Black resin, high shine and gloss, Rolled gold cap
Length (pen closed): 132mm, posted 152mm

Condition and information:

The pen offered here is the highest class Kaweco pen at the time, to rival it German counterpart models as well as any other European pen manufacturer. It is a rare variant of the V line, rarely seen as it was produced in limited numbers. The design of the V line is unique, with two separate body widths, giving the pen great grip, handling, balance and feel in the hand. Most astonishingly however is the look and how far ahead of its time these pens were, it is hard to believe this pen was designed 60 years ago, it still looks modern, sleek and sharp. The build quality is superb, the pen is made out of black resin, giving a unique shine and gloss. The cap of the fountain pen is solid metal finished in rolled gold, with a nice guilloche group of 4 lines and thick gold plated clip. The pen design, overall look and feel is amazing. The design incorporates the modern 60s era, what we refer to as Space Era inspired, with sharp modern edges and clean forms. A unique feature is also the crack preventing band/ring on the turning knob. In these Kaweco models, "V" stands for hooded nib, and if there is a "P", that stands for cartridge and the "S" stands for steel cap. However the V101 being in a class of its own, it is the only one with three digit designation, and one would think 101 is not a coincidence, rather a statement. These were the flagship pens of this line and though similar to the Kaweco 36 & 37 models, which did not come in rolled gold. The nib is a story of own, one of the more rare types of nibs we get to see. It is a super soft nib, meaning the nib flexes excessively but since it is a flat face nib, the tines do not come to far apart. This makes the nib feel soft, as there was a shock absorber under the hand, and yet producing some line variation, up to M medium or even BB double broad if pressed harder. It is truly a rare and unique experience using this nib a true joy to write with. The piston works easy and takes good amount of ink, so once filled it will last for couple of weeks to a month depending on how often its used. Silicone cork ensures no leakage. Kaweco logo located on top the cap and fine engraving "Kaweco - MADE IN GERMANY" is made on the cap's ring. Clean piston inside out with smooth operation. Since the pen is considerably heavier with the cap posted, its recommended to be used in such fashion, even though it feels comfortable in the hand not posted too. The pen is reliable and easy to use, with unique design and appeal, simply one of the best Kaweco pens all time. Comes in perfectly preserved mint condition, no scratches or cracks.

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